Fire Officer Exam Reviewer and Coverage

firetruck in action

Do you want to join the Bureau of Fire Protection as a Fire Officer 1? Well, you have to pass the Fire Officer Exam first! The Fire Officer Examination is open to qualified applicants and incumbent employees of the BFP who do not have a CSC 2nd-Level Eligibility, a PRC license, or the eligibility granted by special laws and CSC issuances. Passing the FOE will grant you the 2nd-level eligibility …

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CSC Civil Service Exam Reviewer

Examinee in Civil Service Exam

The Civil Service Examination is one of the most taken government examinations in the Philippines. In fact, in the August 2019 CSE-PPT alone, more than 276,000 examinees took the examination in different testing centers nationwide. It is also one of the most difficult, especially the professional level examination that only 10-12% of the total number of examinees pass the examinations. Therefore, we created this Civil Service Exam reviewer to help …

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