How to Type Enye on Phone, Windows, or Mac Computer

white keyboard to write enye

Outside of Spanish-speaking countries, the Ñ (enye) letter is difficult to write. It is just not a standard keyboard function since there is no dedicated key for it. In the modern Latin alphabet, the letter Enye is formed by a N with a tilde atop. The enye letter was introduced to the Spanish alphabet in the 18th century. As a former Spanish colony, the Philippines adopted the enye (letter n …

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How to Change Converge WiFi Password

converge logo

Converge ICT Solutions Inc, formerly known as ComClark, is one of the Philippines’ fastest-growing fiber internet providers, with over 1 million subscribers and counting. The company’s operations began in Pampanga and now span the entire country, from the northernmost region of Luzon to the islands of the Visayas and the cities of Mindanao in the south. If you are a new Converge subscriber, network security should be your top priority. …

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