Pest and Diseases Affecting Fish Propagation

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Instructions: Multiple choices. Please read the questions carefully and answer all questions. Goodluck!

Myla noticed that her 30 days old cultured shrimp was attacked by an emerging disease caused by bacteria. What is the name of the disease that attacks shrimp at an early age?
All are possible causes of a large part of the fish stock that show distress or die suddenly, EXCEPT _____.
Human feces should not be disposed in water because this will become a source of _____ especially to common carp.
According to fish laboratory result, the fish disease in Ruben's cultured sea bass is caused by bacteria. The best prevention is to improve _____.
An infected pond with pests and diseases should be dried up. After drying, what should be spread evenly over an entire surface of pond bottom at the rate of 1500 kg/ha.?
Red tide occurs mostly right after summer. What minute single-celled organisms cause red tide phenomenon that affects shell fishes?
Eating uncooked fish or squid infected with parasitic roundworms living in the stomach of fish has a chance to be transferred to a human being. The name of the disease caused by the transfer of the fish parasites to a human being is called _____.
Joseph noticed that fungus is the main cause of fish disease in his aquarium. He made the following preventive steps, EXCEPT ______.
For farmed fish, nutritional diseases will occur when the fish are NOT fed with the _____.
Liam found black spots in the body of fish he raised. To stop the spread of disease, what should he do?
Fish which has a nutritional disease caused by lack of protein exhibits the following symptoms, EXCEPT _____.
Anton observed cottony grey-white or brown patches on the skin of his goldfish. The pathogen is _____.
Jesse was alerted because of the poor growth of his tilapia. The laboratory diagnosed that the fish has a nutritional disease that is lack of lipids. The best remedy is to feed them with ______.
The milkfish cultured by Liam showed symptoms of caudal fin erosion and loss of appetite despite his important feeds. What food nutrient is lacking in his artificial feeds?
All are three major groups of living organisms that may be responsible for fish diseases, EXCEPT _____.
The fish is attacked by round worm in spiral shape near gills. The pathogen responsible for it is _____.
Only a few fish are dead while some others show distress over a period of several weeks. What is the main probable cause?
Only a few fish are dead while some others show distress over a period of several weeks. What is the main probable cause?
External parasites are detrimental to fish good health. Which group is NOT commonly encountered?
Which disease in Tilapia is caused by the Dactylogyrus parasite? The parasites are found on the gills and the infected fish gape for breath, gills are expanded and very pale.
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