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How to Check Precinct Number Online: 2023 Barangay and SK Elections

The 2023 Barangay and SK elections are fast approaching. Are you ready to exercise your right to vote on October 30, 2023? If you are a registered voter, you need to find out your COMELEC Precinct Number before you head to the polling station. This number will tell you where you should cast your ballot and other important details about the voting process. Fortunately, finding …

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How to Get Police Clearance: National and Local

Companies in the Philippines require candidates and newly hired employees to submit a police clearance as part of their requirements. This is especially important if you are a newly graduated job seeker or have recently been hired, or if you are planning to open a bank account or apply for the civil service exam without a valid ID. A police clearance can also act as …

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The DFA Aseana Office

DFA ePayment Portal Guide: 4 Easy Steps to Pay Your Passport Fee

The DFA ePayment Portal is a new feature that allows passport applicants to pay online for their passport processing. It is part of the DFA Online Appointment System, which makes it easier and more convenient for applicants to schedule and attend their appointments. It also prevents fake appointment bookings, which frees up more slots for genuine applicants. Furthermore, it saves time by eliminating one transaction …

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National ID Tracking: How to Track your PhilSys ID

The Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) issues the PhilSys ID, or the national ID card, as a means of establishing one’s identity. It acts as the country’s central identification system for all Filipino citizens and resident aliens. Filipino citizens and eligible residents who have met all registration requirements for their Philippine National ID cards may now track their delivery status via the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) …

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How to Renew your Motorcycle LTO Registration in 2023

Renewing your motorcycle registration in the Philippines can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. The process of registration renewal here in the Philippines is relatively straightforward. You just need to go to the Land Transportation Office (LTO), submit all the necessary documents, and pay the appropriate fees. However, the entire process usually takes a full day. Worse, it may even last into the next day. To help you with renewing your motorcycle registration this 2023, here is our guide to making the process as smooth as possible.

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Regional Trial Court

How to Get an RTC Clearance in the Philippines

An RTC clearance is a certification issued by the Regional Trial Court (RTC) in the Philippines, specifically by the Office of the Clerk of Court where the requesting party resides. This document serves as proof that the individual has no pending legal issues or cases within the court’s jurisdiction. It is often required by employers, institutions, and even government uniformed services like PNP and BJMP …

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