DFA ePayment Portal Guide: 4 Easy Steps to Pay Your Passport Fee

The DFA ePayment Portal is a new feature that allows passport applicants to pay online for their passport processing. It is part of the DFA Online Appointment System, which makes it easier and more convenient for applicants to schedule and attend their appointments. It also prevents fake appointment bookings, which frees up more slots for genuine applicants. Furthermore, it saves time by eliminating one transaction step, enabling the DFA consular offices to process more passport applications with the same resources.

The DFA-Aseana was the first to use the DFA ePayment Portal in June 2018 for passport renewals and applications. Since then, getting a passport has become much easier. Now, applicants can pay the passport fee through various payment channels, such as debit cards or credit cards.

DFA ePayment Guide

The DFA ePayment Portal is a new requirement for passport applicants who are applying for or renewing their Philippine ePassports at any DFA consular office. It allows them to pay the passport processing fee in advance online. Although this is a convenient payment method, some people, especially the elderly, may find it challenging. Therefore, we have created this step-by-step DFA ePayment guide to assist those who are having trouble with this new payment system. Here is the guide:

Step 1: Schedule Your Appointment

Visit the online appointment portal at www.passport.gov.ph and schedule an appointment. This is how you do it:

  1. Click the SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT link at the top of the page. A pop-up will appear, and then click the START APPOINTMENT button.
  2. Tick the Terms of Service box, then click the START INDIVIDUAL APPOINTMENT link.
  3. Choose the DFA Consular Officer where you intend to apply for or renew your passport.
  4. Choose your preferred appointment date and time.
  5. Fill out all the required information by providing the information being asked.
  6. Review all the information before submitting the application
  7. Choose your desired passport processing type (expedited or regular processing) before clicking PROCEED TO PAYMENT.
  8. Take note of the reference number that will be emailed to you.

For the complete guide on how to apply for a passport, please check out this video:

Step 2: Pay the Processing Fee

Proceed to the payment center where you intend to pay the processing fee. Present the reference number at your preferred payment center and pay the corresponding fee, depending on your chosen processing type. That reference number is universal; it is not specifically assigned to one (1) payment center only. You can use it to pay the processing fee at any authorized payment center nationwide.

After payment, keep the receipt. You will need it later.

Step 3. Prepare the Requirements

A confirmed appointment packet will be sent to your email once the payment has been successfully processed. Click the link to your passport appointment packet that contains the following:

  • Checklist with your indicated schedule;
  • Confirmed Application Form with the bar code, appointment reference number (ARN), and eReceipt number;
  • Two (2) copies of the eRECEIPT.

PRINT OUT the contents on A4-sized paper and bring them to the scheduled appointment.

Step 4. Show Up on the Appointment Date and Time

Personally appear at your chosen DFA Consular Office on your appointment date and time. Bring a printed copy of your confirmed passport appointment packet and other required documents and IDs.

Payment Fee

Just like the old manual payment system, the applicant will need to pay Php 950.00 for regular processing or Php 1200 for “express” processing. On top of the processing fee, the payment center will charge PHP 50.00 as a convenience fee. Keep in mind that these fees are non-refundable. It means that any payment made will be forfeited if the applicant fails to show up on his or her appointment date.

Payment Centers

Applicants can pay the ePassport processing fee through any of the following payment centers:

  • Maya- credit card/debit card payment available
  • Bayad Center
  • EcPay
  • PeraHub
  • Robinson’s Business Center and Department Stores
  • Waltermart Department Store
  • 7-11
  • USCC (Western Union)
  • Villarica Pawnshop
  • Other Payment Centers

If you have questions or concerns about the new DFA ePayment Portal, you can contact the DFA Helpdesk at (02) 234-3488 or email them at info@passport.gov.ph

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1 month ago

Epay is not working..ilang days na ako pbalik balik still not working.any other option.thanks

23 days ago
Reply to  Margie

Ganon din sa akin

miel manuel
miel manuel
1 month ago

nagbayad po ako thru gcash but still no email na successfully. paano po yun?

maverick cacal manzano
maverick cacal manzano
3 months ago

Di successful ang payment method how to retrieve my current application

Christian libongco
Christian libongco
6 months ago

Di successful ang payment method how to retrieve my current application

ranjet mendez
ranjet mendez
1 year ago

hindi po successful ang pagbayad ano po dapat gawin? thank you