10 Effective Tips to Become a Topnotcher in Board Exam

Taking the board exam takes a lot of pressure. People around you might have higher expectations of you, especially your family and friends. You do not want to fail the exam, so you want to do your utmost to make sure that you will succeed. But the point is, you don’t just want to pass the exam, but you want to become one of the topnotchers. It is great that you have a goal to achieve and you can probably do it with your determination and perseverance.

If you want to achieve your dreams, you need to sacrifice some of your hobbies in the meantime. You have to maintain your focus no matter what happens. Sleepless nights and skipping meals might be your option, but we have more suggestions on how you can reach your goal once you take your licensure exam.

Best Tips to Become a TOPNOTCHER in Board Exam

One of the most notable topnotchers in the Philippines is Mr. Joel L. Tan-Torres, the Chairman of the Board of Accountancy of the Professional Regulatory Commission. Mr. Tan-Torres placed No.1 in the May 1979 CPA Board Examinations. You can just be like him. Learn from these tips and you will surely get a higher chance of becoming one.

1. Choose trusted review centers

Enrolling in a review center is a good factor to get a higher score on the board exam. Yes, it is not a guarantee, but it will surely help you and motivate you to study better, especially when you know that you have paid for the review. Listening to lectures and taking notes will help you to retain the lessons on your mind.

Aside from the lessons taught in review centers, you will meet different students with the same goal. You will meet new friends and companions. You can study together and borrow their study aids that came from their former school.

2. Study at least 5 hours a day

Review centers should not stop you from studying more. You can study while you are riding on a bus, car, or train. You can study everywhere. Though, the best place to study is at your own room where you can have peace of mind. If you want, you can go to a solemn place where you can appreciate nature to soothe your mind and focus on your studies. For now, your priority is your study to achieve your goals.

3. Listen to classical music

I am not saying that this tip is for everyone. There are other people who do not prefer to listen to music while studying. But if you are the type of person who focuses more while listening to music, choose the classical genre because it will certainly relax you and helps you to focus more on your studies.

4. Keep yourself healthy

Depriving your sleep and not eating on time will not really help you. Your physical, emotional, and spiritual help is essential when you want to pass the exam. Instead of relieving your stress by eating junk foods, eat fruits and vegetables, and drink a lot of water. You also need a lot of sleep.

5. Keep your faith and pray to God

Always ask God for your success. He is bigger than anything in this world and he surely wants the best for you. Ask for His guidance along the way. Pray not just to pass but pray to Him to give you enough strength whatever happens. He is bigger than your problem.

6. “Do not study hard, but study wisely”

This is what Engr. Onde said in his interview on he became one of the topnotchers in the board exam. If you study the whole subject, you will not finish it from the start to the end, because the topic is broad. You only have to study the probable topics. You must understand the principles and where does the formula come from. Understanding is always better than memorizing. Memorizing is not studying, especially if you do not truly understand the subject.

7. Be consistent

You must be consistent in your study and sleeping habit. Write a schedule and stick to that. Make notes and stick it on your information board. Put it in a place where you can see first in the morning and last in the evening.

8. Give yourself a break

To relieve your stress, you must have some leisure time. You also need to have a cheat day where you can enjoy your hobby. Giving yourself a break will help you to focus more on your next studies.

9. Ask for help from others

If you could not understand the subject, do not act like you know it all. Be humble and ask for help from others. It could be your instructor, parents, and friends who took board exams before. Asking does not mean that you don’t know anything at all. It means that you are wise enough to ask to learn more.

10. Learn techniques from your instructor

Improvise and modify your instructor’s techniques. Master the questions of the past and recent board exams. You can also practice the formulas that your instructor taught you to master it and do better in the real examination.

Study Style: Triangle of Learning

Originally, the Triangle of Learning was suggested by Dr. Ireneo C. Agulto. This study style proved to be effective and helped Christian Jake Villamar to become one of the topnotchers in the board exam. According to them, here are the important part of studying to let all the topics remain on your mind: lecture, reading (10%), audiovisual (20%), demonstration (30%), discussion (50%), practice doing (75%), and teach others (90%).


As you can see, the first four parts of the pyramid are important, but it is lesser essential than the bigger part of the pyramid. The lower parts are mainly the discussion group. That only means that reading and studying are not the most essential factor to let all the lessons retain in your mind. You should participate in active discussions. Participate in giving help to someone by teaching them what you have studied.

You are not only helping your students, but you will also help yourself. As you continue teaching people about the lessons, it is easier for you to memorize and to understand each lesson.

So, how can you do this stage? Do you have a friend who is at a lower level than you? You can tell them that you are willing to tutor them in your free time. Ask them to make a schedule to have a group study.

Visual aids are also essential to your study. Writing visual aids and putting them in a place where you can see them first in the day, and last in the evening will help you to retain the important details in your brain.

Over to You

If others made it, you can make it too! Do not lose hope, and always have faith in God. Believe in yourself because the first person that believes you should be no one else but you. No one said that taking the licensure exam would be easy. Even the topnotchers in board exams said that it was hard for them. They almost break down and felt downhearted, but still, they passed the exam on top!

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1 month ago

If I pass the Board Exam in 2025, I will go back to this comment. Funny how lazy I am but still dreamed of passing the CPALE and even aspire to top it. After reading this, it gives me a motivation (again).

RMT 2023
RMT 2023
1 year ago


RMT 2023
RMT 2023
1 year ago


1 year ago

I will be the next PNLE May 2023 topnotcher. In Jesus name, Amen.

Erika Tab
1 year ago

Thank you for the tips! In Jesus name, I will top the board. I will be top 5 in the LET next year. In Jesus name, amen.