List of Qualified Applicants for BFP Qualifying Exam

The BFP administers the Qualifying Written Examination to the qualified applicants to test their aptitude and thinking skills. Secondly, the qualifying exam has the highest percentage points (40%) in the overall ranking computation. Therefore, passing and excelling the exam will increase your chances of becoming a part of the Bureau of Fire Protection as a FO1.

After the evaluation and screening of applicants, trade/skill tests, and medical evaluation, the BFP releases the final list of qualified applicants. They are eligible to take Qualifying Examination, the second step of the FO1 selection process. Here it is.

examinee taking the bfp qualifying exam

Final List of Qualified Applicants

The Bureau of Fire Protection- Recruitment and Selection Section released the final list of qualified applicants. Here they are:


Reminders to Examinees

The BFP Qualifying Written Examination will be on August 11, 2018. The full duration of the said examination is about two (2) hours. Examinees must bring the following items on the day of the examination:

  • Two (2) valid IDs;
  • Passport size picture with a nametag;
  • Black ballpen(s);
  • A folder size illustration board, in case of unavailability of an armchair

The results of the exam will be posted on the DILG and BFP Regional Offices websites on August 24, 2018.

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John Sabinay
John Sabinay
4 years ago

I just want to inquire if I did passed the foe this coming June 2020 and get the certificate of eligibility before my 31st birthday in September 2020, will i still be required to submit age waiver? Thanks