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A criminologist job is to determine and analyze crime patterns and study the psychological factors that cause people to commit crimes. They also conduct researches on crimes and arrests including the backgrounds of the criminals to determine the factors behind the crime. The data gathered by criminologists aid law enforcement personnel in evaluating potential criminals. No one can deny that criminologists play a crucial part in our criminal justice system today.

A criminologist in the Philippines may find jobs related to law enforcement as a police officer in the PNP or as an officer in the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology. He may serve as a consultant in various agencies involved in criminal research or as a technician in dactyloscopy, ballistics and other scientific aspects of crime detection. But in order to become a licensed criminologist in the Philippines, one must pass the licensure examination administered by the Professional Regulatory Board of Criminology supervised by the PRC. If you are about to take the Criminologist Licensure Examination (CLE) this year and looking for free review materials, then you are on the right page! Please read on.

Criminologist Licensure Exam Reviewer

The purpose of this reviewer is to help the graduates/graduating students of B.S Criminology who are planning to take the upcoming 2018 CLE. This online CLE reviewer is a collection of previous board exam questions we gathered from different sources on the Internet. We do not guarantee that these questions will appear on the actual exam. We also do not guarantee a 100% accuracy of the information herein. Please exercise due diligence. If you have found errors and corrections, please contact us or drop a comment at the end of the article. We will try to correct them as soon as possible.

To access our online criminology mock exam, just follow the links in every subject areas mentioned below. If you want a good reviewer for CLE, we recommend the NCV Criminologists Licensure Exam Reviewer. It has more than 1,500 updated selection of questions for the CLE covering all six (6) areas in Criminology. You can buy one in Lazada through cash on delivery using this link.

The December 2018 Criminology Board Examination shall cover the following subject areas:

For the complete list of the covered subjects in the 2018 CLE, you may follow our guide on Criminology Board Exam 2018 Date, Coverage, and Requirements.

After passing the Criminologist Licensure Exam, you need to complete the initial registration process for the oath-taking ceremony. Just follow our PRC online registration guide for your hassle-free initial registration.


Passing the CLE to become a licensed criminologist is no easy task but always attainable if you persevere. Use online resources like this free online reviewer to your advantage. Try to prepare as early as possible. Who knows, you might be the next Criminologist Board Exam topnotcher!

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  1. Good day! Thanks for posting. May I have your updated reviewer for the examination in June 2019? Thanks for sharing in advance! God bless us all

  2. is the maker of this site same as the one who made the application ULTIMATE REVIEWER that could be installed in android phones? Im just confused because you both have the exact same questions 🙂 By the way, Im fond of answering that application. Its really helpful 🙂

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