Criminalistics Reviewer

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The approximate time for the completion of one case for DNA testing.
A fingerprint pattern in which the ridges form a sequence of spirals around core axes.
Which enzyme is used for synthesis of RNA under the direction of DNA?
The art of beautiful writing is known as:
One of the following is a derivative of the opium poppy.
Chemical used as an accelerator in a developer solution.
Any stroke which goes back over another writing stroke.
The standard item used to obtain fingerprint impressions is printer's ink, which is a heavy, black paste. Other substances, when applied with care, will also produce acceptable impressions:
The test used to determine the presence of blood in stained material.
There are instances where in the person who actually discharged a gun still gives a negative result because of several factor/s:
A wound which if inflicted in the body so serious that it will endanger one's life.
Any written instrument by which a right or obligation is established.
Fixed discoloration of the blood clothed inside the blood vessels or has diffused to different parts of the body.
The unstable rotating motion of the bullet is called?
The scientific detection of deception.
The application of scientific knowledge and techniques in the detection of crime and apprehension of criminals.
The primary purpose of pre-test interview.
A document which contains some changes either as an addition or deletion.
The minimum identical characteristics to justify the identity between two points.
A discoloration of the body after death when the blood tends to pool in the blood vessels of the most dependent portion of the body and starts 20 to 30 minutes after death and is completed by 12 hours.
There is freehand invitation and is considered as the most skillful class of forgery.
Volatile poisons maybe isolated by means of this process:
A kind of document executed by a person in authority and by private parties but notarized by competent officials.
The impression left by the patterns of ridges and depressions on various surfaces.
This refers to the deflection of the bullet from its normal path after striking a resistant surface.
This refers to the helical grooves cut in the interior surface of the bore.
Number restoration is necessary in determining whether there is tampering of serial number in:
The process of recording fingerprint through the use of fingerprint ink.
The science dealing with the motion of a projectile and the conditions governing that motion.
A fingerprint pattern which one or more ridges enter on either side of the impression by a recurve, and terminate on the same side where the ridge has entered..