Law Enforcement Administration Reviewer 2

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The annual reservation percentage quota for women in the PNP recruitment is __.
The required rank for the Chief of Jail Bureau.
The utilization of units or elements, of the PNP for the purpose of protection of lives and properties, enforcement of laws and maintenance of peace and order.
They are automatically deputized as NAPOLCOM representatives to exercise supervision and control over PNP units.
Under RA 6975, a police officer is entitled to a longevity pay equivalent to how many percent (%) of his monthly basic salary for every five years of service, to be reckoned from the date of his original appointment in the police, fire, jail or other allied services?
They have the authority to recommend to the Provincial Director the transfer, reassignment of PNP members outside of their town residences.
The orderly and organized physical movement of elements or units of the PNP.
When we say that a commander is directly responsible for any act or omission of his subordinates in relation to the performance of their official duties, we are referring to:
In the history of our police force, who was the first Director General of the Philippine National Police (PNP)?
The head of a local peace and order council is the __.
It exercise supervision and control over all city and municipal jails.
The credential extended by the Civil Service Commission/National Police Commission for the purpose of conferring status for permanent appointment in the police service.
This term refers to the period when a police officer is actively engaged in the performance of his duty.
Which of the following administers and attends to cases involving crimes against chastity?
What is the required rank for the head of the Fire Bureau?
One of the following exercises control and supervision over the PNP units during elections.
No person in an organization can do all the tasks necessary for accomplishing group objective. Also, no one should exercise all the authority for making decisions. This refers to-
The number of eligible for which the Regional Director may recommend for Provincial Director to the governor is __.
The act of temporarily denying an officer the privilege of performing his police duties in consequence of an offense and violation of rules and regulations.
It exercise supervision and control over the provincial jails.