Law Enforcement Administration Mock Examination 1

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It is the circumspect inspection of a place to determine its suitability for a particular operational purpose.
It is the product resulting from the collection, evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of all available information which concerns one or more aspects of criminal activity and which is immediately or potentially significant to police planning:
What form of intelligence is involved when information is obtained without the knowledge of the person against whom the information or documents may be used, or if the information is clandestinely acquired?
It is a natural or man-made structure or physical device which is capable of restricting, determine, or delaying illegal access to an installation.
Registration of a security agency must be done at the______.
In busy and thickly populated commercial streets like those in Divisoria, police patrol is very necessary. Since there are several types of patrol, which of the following will you recommend?
The budget is a _________________ in terms of expenditure requirements.
In the civil service system, merit and fitness are the primary considerations in the:
All regional appointments of commissioned officers commence with the rank of:
The provincial Governor shall choose the provincial Director from a list of ___________ eligible recommended by the Regional Director, preferable from the same province, city, municipality.
The amount and nature of the demands of the police service:
Republic Act 6975 provides that on the average nationwide, the manning levels of the PNP shall be approximately in accordance with a police-to-population ratio of:
These are work programs of line divisions which related to the nature and extent of the workload and the availability of resources.
All of the following are members of the People’s Law Enforcement Board (PLEB), EXCEPT:
In the de-briefing, the intelligence agent is asked to discuss which of the following:
It is the premier educational institution for the police, fire and jail personnel.
The cheapest form of police patrol.
An industrial complex must establish its first line of physical defense. It must have:
A crew which is assigned to a mobile car usually consist of:
The PNP has a program which ensures the deployment of policemen in busy and crime prone areas. This is called: