woman using landbank iaccess portal

Landbank iAccess Application Guide for 2023

If you are a Landbank account holder, you can now conveniently do bank transactions online through the LBPIAccess or Retail Internet Banking Portal for Landbank and Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank). It is the online banking facility of the Landbank of the Philippines and its subsidiary, the Overseas Filipino Bank. You can check your account balance, pay bills, or transfer money to other accounts 24/7 even …

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How to Get A Barangay Clearance: 2023 Updated Guide

Many people lack valid IDs, and having a barangay clearance is the simplest way to establish identity. It is a document that includes a person’s name, address, thumbprint, and signature. It also includes the date it was issued and the specific reason for which it was issued. The barangay secretary issues a barangay clearance, which is signed by the barangay captain and sealed with the …

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How to Find Your Voting Precinct Online

Are you a new voter in the May 2022 Presidential Election and would like to know your precinct number? You can also use the traditional method of manually verifying your precinct and sequence numbers at your local polling place. However, with the proliferation of smartphones and increased internet access, it is now possible to locate your polling precinct online. The Commission on Elections developed the …

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lto student permit

How to Apply for LTO Student License this 2023

Most countries, if not all, require you to have a license to drive a vehicle on public roads. Before you can get a driver’s license in the Philippines, you have to go to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and ask for a student permit. An LTO student permit, which is also called a student license, is a legal document that lets the holder drive a …

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How to Renew Car Registration in LTO: 2023 Guide

Renewing your car registration in the Philippines can be a daunting task. The process is confusing and the lines are long. Most of the time, the entire process in LTO usually takes a full day to complete. However, with a few tips, you can make the process a lot smoother. In this article, we will outline the process for renewing your car registration in the …

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LTO public advisory

List: Free LTO 15-Hour Theoretical Driving Course

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced on its official Facebook page that the 15-hour Theoretical Driving Course (TDC) is free at LTO Driver’s Education Centers. Since April 6, 2020, new drivers applying for a student permit must undergo a 15-hour theoretical driving course program. The aim is to ensure that driver’s licenses are given to disciplined individuals with more than average driving skills and …

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