Landbank iAccess Application Guide for 2023

If you are a Landbank account holder, you can now conveniently do bank transactions online through the LBPIAccess or Retail Internet Banking Portal for Landbank and Overseas Filipino Bank (OFBank). It is the online banking facility of the Landbank of the Philippines and its subsidiary, the Overseas Filipino Bank. You can check your account balance, pay bills, or transfer money to other accounts 24/7 even without personally going to the bank.

What is Landbank?

The Landbank of the Philippines is the second-largest bank in the country in terms of assets. As of 2020, it has an estimated asset of ₱2.2 trillion making it one of the biggest government-owned and controlled corporations in the Philippines. It is founded on  August 8, 1963, to cater to the needs of farmers and fishermen while providing the services of a universal bank. Most government employees in all agencies received their payroll through Landbank. That is why you can find a Landbank ATM in every city hall or town hall all over the Philippines.

How to Enroll in Landbank iAccess

There are two ways to apply for the Landbank iAccess online banking, online or at the nearest Landbank branch. All individual depositors excluding passbook accounts are eligible to enroll in Landbank iAccess facility.

Online Enrollment

This option is applicable only to ATM accounts and limited to non-monetary transactions only. It means you can only use it to view your account balance and transaction details, inquire about the status of the check/s you issued and report your lost/stolen ATM card. Hence, you cannot use it to pay bills and transfer funds to another account. To enroll online, follow the instructions below.

1. Using a computer with a good internet connection and your favorite browser, go to the Landbank iAccess portal through this URL:


2. On the landing page, click the Sign-up Now link at the left corner of the screen.

click sign up


3. Read the terms and conditions, scroll down to the bottom using the scroll bar then click the “I Agree” button.

click the I agree button

4. Fill out the application form properly. Those items marked with an asterisk (*) are required. You can type in n.a. if these items are not applicable.  Do not forget your answers to the security questions. For the JAI or the Joint Account Indicator, enter “0” for a single/individual account, and “1” or “2” for a joint account.

bpi atm card JAI

5. At the bottom of the page, provide your desired LBPiAccess ID. Remember this ID, write it down or take a picture. This will be your log-in access to your LBP Online account. Click the I am not a robot button to prove that you are a human and not an automated bot.

provide the LBP ID

5. Review all the information you’ve entered then click the Submit button to continue to the next step.

6. You will now be redirected to a page telling you that you’ve successfully enrolled for the Landbank iAccess.

Landbank Branch Enrollment

Enrollment through your local Landbank branch is applicable to both ATM and Current accounts. Unlike the online application method, you can use it for non-monetary or monetary transactions or both. It means you can also pay bills and transfer money to other accounts using the Landbank iAccess online banking facility. To enroll, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the nearest Landbank branch and bring a valid ID, landbank ATM card, and your account number.
  2. Proceed to the New Accounts section and tell the officer that you want to apply for the Landbank iAccess. He/she will give you a Landbank iAccess Enrollment and Maintenance Agreement (LI-EMA) form. If you have multiple accounts in Landbank, you can access them through a single iAccess account.
  3. Submit the duly-accomplished and signed LI-EMA form to the officer.
  4. He/she will now process the form and other documents then will tell you the date of activation of your iAccess account. Just wait and follow the officer’s further instructions.


Bank transactions have never been easier with the Landbank iAccess internet banking. You can now pay bills, view the account balance, and transfer funds with just a click of a mouse. Keep in mind that only individual or joint “or” accounts can be enrolled for fund transfer transactions. Joint “and” accounts are limited to viewing or non-monetary transactions only. Fund transfer is likewise limited to LANDBANK ATM Accounts (Savings & Current) and Regular Current Accounts only. Fund transfer transactions to other banks are not yet available as of this moment.

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Mari J Gee
Mari J Gee
10 months ago

Ilang beses na sinasabing answers to security question 1 does not match with security question 1. Pag okay naman na, ying 2 or 3 naman ang di nagmamatch. Pag nagmatch na sina 2 and 3, balik naman kay 1.

What’s wrong?

Lbp has got to do something about this pls.

1 year ago

Try registering in the mobile app – cant receive the OTPs on time.
Tried registering through chome web – CAPTCHA error and wont show despite chrome settings adjustment/s.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wea


Analyn A.Nichols
Analyn A.Nichols
1 year ago

Nakailang ulit na po ako mag sign up an account but still hindi pa rin makapasok sa online mobile banking. Diko alam bakit ang hirap pasukin.

3 years ago

Ilang try ko na invalid daw pin ko kahit tama naman then after that po ngtry po ulit ako ngyon exceeded n dw po sa allowed na sa times ng type of pin.please help..thank you..

3 years ago

Pang-apat ko na mag enroll sa i-access laging Rejected – Profile not match, anong gagawin pag ganyan?