How to Apply for Seaman’s Book: 2024 Guide

The Seaman’s Identification Record Book (SIRB), popularly known as the Seaman’s Book, is a major requirement for all aspiring seafarers before they can be considered eligible to work on shipping vessels. Instead of a visa or a passport, you need the Seaman’s Book before going onboard a ship or vessel. The sole agency that issues the Seaman’s Book is the Maritime Industry Authority, or MARINA.

In the past, getting or renewing your Seaman’s Book was a nightmare because you had to endure long lines and processes. Thanks to the internet, MARINA has found a way to reduce the pain and hassles of doing transactions with them. Nowadays, getting a seaman’s book for the first time or applying for a seaman’s book renewal is now fast and simple using the MARINA Integrated Seafarers Management Online (MISMO) System. With it, Filipino seafarers can now schedule a convenient time and date to process their seaman’s book.

Who May Apply for a Seaman’s Book?

To qualify for the Seaman’s Identification Record Book (SIRB), one must satisfy the following standards set by MARINA:

  • He/she is a Filipino citizen and engaged in any capacity on board a Philippine-registered ship (35 GT and above);
  • Any Filipino seafarer who intends to be engaged in any capacity onboard any foreign-flagged ship.
  • 18 years of age, except for cadets applying for issuance of SIRB for shipboard apprenticeship training who must be at least 16 years of age;

Those who are on board warships, naval vessels, or naval auxiliaries and fishermen onboard fishing vessels, regardless of the tonnage engaged in the domestic fishing operation, are exempt from the SIRB requirement. In the case of personnel onboard ships not engaged in commercial activity, the SIRB shall be optional.

Seaman’s Book Requirements

Just like a passport or a visa, getting your seaman’s book needs documentary requirements and you have to prepare them before getting an appointment. Doing so will ensure faster and hassle-free processing. Here are the documents needed for new SIRB applications and renewal of the Philippine Seaman’s Book:

For new applicants

Regular seafarers who want to apply for the Seaman’s Book must prepare a photocopy of the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate on Security Paper issued by Philippine Statistics Authority or Passport issued by the DFA;
  • If you are female and applying for a change of surname, bring a Marriage Contract;
  • NBI Clearance (Purpose: VISA SEAMAN)
  • Valid Basic Training (If BST, include BT-Upgrading and BT-Refresher)
  • Documentary stamp

If you are a cadet applying for issuance of SIRB for a shipboard apprenticeship, prepare the photocopy of the following documents:

  • Birth Certificate on SECPA issued by Philippine Statistics Authority or Passport
  • Transcript of Records from MARINA-accredited Maritime Higher Education Institution or MHEI;
  • NBI Clearance (Purpose: VISA SEAMAN)
  • Valid Basic Training (If BST, include BT-Upgrading and BT-Refresher)
  • Documentary stamp

For SIRB Renewal

Regular seafarers who are renewing their Seaman’s Book must submit a photocopy of the following documentary requirements:

  • Expired or Expiring SIRB;
  • If you are a female and applying for a change in name, please present a marriage certificate;
  • Valid NBI Clearance (Purpose: VISA SEAMAN);
  • Valid Basic Training (If BST, include BT-Upgrading and BT-Refresher)
  • MARINA Computerized photograph; and
  • Documentary stamp;

If you are a licensed officer, bring these additional documents and the requirements mentioned above during your scheduled date and time.

  • Certificate of Proficiency
  • Certificate of Endorsement
  • You can bring your uniform for picture taking or you may opt to rent one in MARINA for a fee.

Do not forget to bring the original documents (for verification purposes) when you apply or renew for the SIRB. The MARINA Computerized photograph is strictly availed inside the MARINA office only. You can buy the documentary stamp inside the MARINA Office for about 20 Php.

How to Setup an Appointment using MARINA MISMO System

Before you set a schedule for SIRB new application or renewal using the MISMO system, you have to create an account first. Creating an account needs a valid email address. You can use either a Gmail or Yahoo email as the MARINA disclosed that they only cater to these email addresses.

Create an Account

1. On a computer with a good internet connection, choose your preferred browser and go to the MISMO website through this link. If you have an SCS account, you can sign in to the system using your SCS username and password or you may opt to sign in via SIRB. Otherwise, click the sign-up button and then register a new account.

MARINA Create Account window

2. Fill out the required information, accept the terms and conditions, and click the register button.

3. Verify your email account to complete your registration.

4. Congratulations! You can now book an appointment for your SIRB application or renewal.

Update Profile Information

1. Go back to the MARINA MISMO home page through this link. Click the Sign-in button and fill out the log-in details. Tick the reCAPTCHA box to confirm that you are actually a human and not a bot.

2. Fill out the needed information and upload a valid profile picture.

3. After checking if all the information is correct, click the Save Changes button at the upper-left side of the screen.

SIRB application

4. Click the Select Transaction button then choose the SIRB tab. After that, choose your preferred processing time (regular or expedited), your preferred MARINA Office, and your transaction (new SIRB application, renewal, etc).

5. Tick the box declaring that your profile and service records are updated then click the Proceed button. MARINA will send you a text message reminding you to bring the original copies of your uploaded documents and bring your own marine uniform on your appointment date and time.

6. You will be redirected to the Application Information window showing the details of your application including the requirements. Scroll down to the lower portion of the page to see all the required documents.

7. Upload the scanned copies of all the listed documents. Remember to keep the file size under 1MB or less. Hit the Submit button once finished.

After clicking the submit button, your profile including the documents you uploaded will be checked and verified by the MARINA Online Evaluator team. It may take up to 24 hours to complete the online evaluation. You will receive a text message informing you that your application was approved for the online appointment. In the event that your application was rejected, go back to your MISMO profile, select the Application tab then click View Details. You can see the status of your documents in there.

Set your SIRB Appointment

1. Log in to the MISMO system then click the Application tab. After that, click the For Appointment button/link.

2. You will be redirected to the Slot Locator tab. Here, you can choose your desired time and date for your final evaluation. Select the MARINA Branch nearest your place.

3. After picking your preferred time and date of your appointment, click Proceed. A confirmation will appear that says: Appointment Set Successfully!

Pay the Fee

1. After clicking the Proceed button, you will be redirected to the payment page. Read the guidelines on how to pay for your transaction.

2. Next, click the Proceed button again then click Confirm. After the confirmation. MARINA will send you a text message informing you of the payment reference number.

3. Pay the fee in select MARINA partner payment centers across the country. You only have 24 hours to pay in the payment centers. After that time period, your transaction will expire and you have to set your appointment again.

Final Evaluation

After setting up an appointment and paying your transaction, go to the appointment date you set in MISMO. Do not forget to bring all original documents for verification. Your Seaman’s Book will be released after everything has been checked and verified.

Congratulations! You now have your Seaman’s Book! Your passport to the world of seafaring!

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eugene robillos
11 months ago

ask lang ako po paano kumoha seaman book kong pwde mayroon training center sa davao

Romy Bermejo
Romy Bermejo
3 years ago

Ask lang po pwede po bA kumuha ng sirb thru online? If yes anong site po?

9 months ago
Reply to  Romy Bermejo

Sa AOS boss

3 years ago

tanong lang kung ano yung Documentary stamp na kelangan sa seamansbook?

Janrey Bas
Janrey Bas
4 years ago

Bakit hindi ko po maclick yung SIRB sa transaction?
Naka black out po sya.

William Ebio
William Ebio
4 years ago

merun na akong SRN account sa MISMO po ngamit ko na sa pagkuhA NG BT COP,ngaun magpapa appoinment muli ako sa SIRB naka block ung icon hnd ako makapagpa appointnment.

4 years ago
Reply to  William Ebio

hi tulad ng sayo yung sakin, “merun na akong SRN account sa MISMO po ngamit ko na sa pagkuhA NG BT COP,ngaun magpapa appoinment muli ako sa SIRB naka block ung icon hnd ako makapagpa appointnment.”