How to Get A Barangay Clearance: 2024 Updated Guide

Many people lack valid IDs, and having a barangay clearance is the simplest way to establish identity. It is a document that includes a person’s name, address, thumbprint, and signature. It also includes the date it was issued and the specific reason for which it was issued. The barangay secretary issues a barangay clearance, which is signed by the barangay captain and sealed with the barangay’s official seal. It is good for six months from the date of issuance.

It is a valid supporting document showing that you live in that location and are of good moral character. It can be used when applying for a job, for a business permit, or even for another ID. A barangay certificate also serves as a requirement when applying for a police clearance or as a valid identification when claiming your Philippine National ID.

Barangay Clearance Requirements

Now that you understand what a barangay clearance is, let us go over the requirements for acquiring one. The requirements will differ depending on the barangay, but here are the basic documents to prepare:

  1. A fully-accomplished application form from the Barangay Hall;
  2. An updated Community Tax Certificate (CTC) or Cedula. This is usually issued by the municipal or city hall, though it may also be issued by some barangay halls.
  3. Clearance Fee. Each barangay may charge a different price; however, it is usually less than PHP 100.

How to Apply for a Barangay Clearance

Once you have all of the requirements, you can proceed to the barangay hall to get your barangay clearance.

  1. Look for the barangay secretary in the barangay hall. Make sure to visit them during office hours, Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  2. Inform the barangay secretary or the office in charge that you need a barangay clearance. Explain why you need the document.
  3. Fill out the application form that was provided to you. Fill it out and submit it to the officer along with the other requirements. The officer may inquire as to where you are residing in the barangay and how long you have been there. Answer the questions truthfully.
  4. Pay the barangay clearance fee.
  5. When the officer determines that your name is “clean,” or that you have no negative records, he or she will print out your barangay clearance. You must sign the document and place your thumbprint on it.
  6. Wait for the barangay captain or his or her representative to sign it and put the official seal of the barangay on it.
  7. Receive the barangay clearance. Check that your name is spelled correctly and that the correct purpose is stated.


There you have it. If the barangay secretary and chairman are present, the process of obtaining a barangay clearance is simple and fast. Then again, if they aren’t the person in charge, someone else might sign if they were given the authority. To be eligible for one, you must have lived in the barangay for a minimum of three or six months.

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6 days ago

Legal po ba na i-require na dapat botante sa lugar na kukuhanan para makapag apply ng barangay clearance

1 year ago

hello sir, (not quite related) about layout and format of barangay clearance printout, sir is it necessary to include the municipal logo at the right side of the printout or just the barangay logo at the left side of the paper?