DOST SEI- English Reviewer

This online practice test measures your ability to apply the rules of the English language, specifically on grammar and syntax, vocabulary, reading comprehension and paragraph organization. Choose the correct answer from the given choices. The correct answer will be marked green, otherwise red. Good luck! 

"Never the twain shall meet....." means the lines are:
A. The strength of a company’s ethical culture lies in the extent to which the organization makes doing the right thing a priority.
B. Hence, it is imperative to continually share expectations and policies to create a clear understanding of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour at the workplace.
C. This creates a culture where employees independently behave in an ethical manner.
D. And, if a zero-tolerance policy towards unethical practices is adhered to, the myth of nice guys finishing last will be shattered.
Mang Kanor's nipa hut was destroyed _________ by typhoon Manghut.
A dance instructor is holding an aerobics class every morning in front of the town market where there is a big open space. There are many participants and he charges them 10 pesos per session. In contrast, a Zumba class in the nearby dance studio has only 10 participants because the enrollment fee is expensive. Only the rich can afford to enroll in the Zumba class.
What can we deduce from the situation?
A. John Calvin died on May 27, 1564.
B. The English Puritans who went to America in the seventeenth century were Calvinists.
C. But by then his ideas had spread from Geneva to much of Western Europe.
D. The Presbyterian and other Reformed churches of today base their religious beliefs on John Calvin’s teachings.
The games we used to play when we were young have been sidelined by modern gadgets. Nowadays, we no longer see children and teens playing piko, tumbang preso, luksong baka, patintero and other enjoyable games our parents used to play. The young generation of today is so hooked on gadgets that they even have no time to talk to each other during their free time. This is very unhealthy according to some social scientists.
From the passage, we can conclude that:
The measure of choosing well is whether or not man likes what he ________.
Both Nenita and _____ plan to go.
It was a man who lived before the time of Christopher Columbus that was the world's first great traveler. His name was Marco Polo. With his father and his uncle, he traveled from Italy to China, crossing mountains and deserts to get there. In China a king called Kublai Khan was pleased to see the Polos and had them live near to him. They stayed for twenty-three years. Kublai Khan sent Marco to other countries to do business for him. When Marco finally returned to Italy, he wrote all about his adventures in a book, which was read by Columbus and many other people, who also became interested in traveling to strange countries.
This story is mainly about:
PORCINE is related to PIG as BOVINE is related to ____________.
Thomas Carlyle said, “The man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder…” It could be interpreted as ______.
The __________ of the story is not to count your eggs until they are hatched.
We should work for a total ban ____ of pesticides that are harmful to man.
A. The questions isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me, remarked celebrated author Ayn Rand.
B. Born into an affluent family, she opened her soul to music and literature, in that order. But her times were different.
C. For women, talent was confined to what you turned to when the ‘real’ things were over with.
D. She was accomplished in her own right.
A person born in the Year of the Tiger is capable of earning large sums of money, but he is rather a spendthrift and does not always put his money to best use. He can also be most generous and will often shower lavish gifts on friends and relations. That is why a Tiger person has many friends and acquaintances.
Which of the following is true about a person born in the Year of the Tiger?
The wounded soldiers were visited by the President who honored them with ______ for their ______.
The nearest post office is on _____________________.
Please read the chapter __________________.
Guest house rooms must be _________ by noon.
Caryle said, "A man perfects himself by working". This means _______.
Van Gogh, the artist, felt that GOD should not be judged on this earth which he felt represents one of his sketches that turned out badly. Which of the following maybe inferred from this passage?
It is hard to earn a dollar these days.
The ash from Mt. Pinatubo has been found to have gold content of only 20 parts per billion which is far below commercial levels. As such, officials have warned against hopes of a new "gold rush".
He drank his tea in oceans.
I was speaking to Raquel on the phone when suddenly we were _____.
Research suggests that there are creatures that do not know what light means at the bottom of the sea. They don't have either eyes or ears; they can only feel. There is no day or night for them. There are no winters, no summers, no sun, no moon, and no stars. It is as if a child spent its life in darkness in bed, with nothing to see or hear. How different our own life is! Sight shows us the ground beneath our feet and the heavens above us - the sun, moon, and stars, shooting stars, lightning, and the sunset. It shows us day and night. We are able to hear voices, the sound of the sea, and music. We feel, we taste, we smell. How fortunate we are!
In the passage a child in darkness is likened to:
Which among the following is the correct sequence of the sentences below?
1. The image of a good teacher is one who is constantly reflecting about how best to help different types of learners how to learn.
2. The National Competency-Based Teacher Standards (NCBTS) define a new paradigm of teaching where the teacher is viewed as a knowledge professional who is responsible for facilitating learning.
3. Good teaching is defined in terms of those practices that help students learn better.
4. Competency-based means that the standards or criteria for characterizing good.
5. The NCBTS can be used as a self assessment tool for professional development.
If you're a fitness walker, there is no need for a commute to a health club. Your neighborhood can be your health club. You don't need a lot of fancy equipment to get a good workout either. All you need is a well-designed pair of athletic shoes.
This paragraph best supports the statement that:
A prisoner was approached by a priest. "I will keep all you say in confidence", the priest assured. This means he tried to ______.
As the popularity of tattoos continue to grow, so does the concern about potential risks. Some risks, such as the spread of infections through the use of unsterilized needles, have long been known. But what isn't clear is the safety of tattoo inks. Getting inked may have long-term consequences beyond just having to live with your ex-girlfriend's name on your bicep for decades.
What conclusion can we draw from the passage?
Teacher Michelle always tries to help people, but recently she has been _________ kind and generous.
TAILOR is related to NEEDLE as MECHANIC is related to ____________.
What is meant by AT SIXES AND SEVENS in this sentence?
"We moved into the house last week, but I'm afraid everything, is still at sixes and sevens."
Which of the following describes the figure of speech utilized in the last line of the excerpt?
He eats like a pig.
What season is it, with the line, "He ruffles every lily-pond? Where blossom kiss and part."
What figure of speech is employed when the author states, " O souls and spirits of the martyred brave. arise?"
“I am the unfortunate grain of wheat that fell on stony ground at sowing time”. What figure of speech is exemplified in this line?
BREAD is related to BUTTER as POTATOES is related to ____________.
Adults acquire new words and experience primarily through-
The ancient people made a ___________ that the end of the world is near.
Being the scion of a wealthy patriarch, the family enjoys a good life.
He is considered as the greatest English writer. He is also known as the "bard of Avon."
“I die just when the dawn breaks to herald the day.” This is a famous quote from ____.
What word is not properly spelled and used in these sentences?
Which sentence clearly and effectively states the idea and has no structural errors?
"Run from anything that gives you the evil thought.... but stay close to anything that makes you want to do right."
It is about defeating _______________.
"Of man's first disobedience and the fruit/of that forbidden tree" is the opening to:
Select the sentence with the most appropriate order of adverbs and adverbial phrases.
Which passage is expressed effectively and without structural error/s?