General Science (DOST Reviewer)

This General Science Practice Test is comprised of 50 random questions from General Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science that will test your ability in accomplishing various important scientific tasks. Please read the questions carefully and choose the correct answer from the choices below. The correct answer will be marked green, otherwise, red. After answering all the questions, share it on Facebook to view the results. Good luck! 

The living material comprising the bulk of a cell is called the:
Natural radioactivity was discovered by:
Why is DNA important?
The gravitational force with which the sun attracts the earth:
The mass number of a nucleus is:
A battery operated DVD player uses 12 volts from AA batteries and draws a current of 3 amperes. What is the resistance?
Which of the following items could best be called biodegradable?
Of the planets below, which has the largest number of satellites?:
The element Tellurium has the atomic mass of 127.60 and its atomic number is 52. How many neutrons are in the element Tellurium?
The roller coaster has the most kinetic energy at position-
Earth has how many natural satellites visible to the naked eye?
Which of the following is true about the kingdom Bacteria?
Nucleotides are made up of a sugar, phosphate, and..?
Which particle does not contribute mass to the atom?
According to the law of conservation of momentum, when two objects collide in the absence of outside forces,
Which occurs when atoms link together in new ways to create a substance different from the original substances?
In animals, sexual reproduction depends on the production of gametes. Which of the following processes produces gametes in animals?
Which symbiotic relationship is described by one individual benefiting and the other being neither harmed nor benefited?
What happens when two forces act in the same direction?
The Earth's diameter is approximately how many kilometers?
What level does the mice primarily eat in?
The force of gravity on a person or object on the surface of a planet is called
Who formulated the geocentric theory?
When velocity is doubled:
Most of the mass in an atom is made up of _____________________?
Kepler's First Law states that the _______ is at one of the foci of the orbits of the planets in our solar system
If a 10 kilogram object accelerates suddenly at 15 m/s2, how much force was applied to the object?
A woman lifts 20 bricks, each of weight 6N. What other information is needed to calculate the useful work done in lifting the bricks?
What is the name of the solid that forms after some solutions react chemically?
Which of the following is an example of a homozygous dominant genotype?
The hardest form of carbon is?
The force of __________________ is a type of friction that works against the motion of falling objects.
Vitamin D can be obtained from _______________.
Scientists once thought that the continents had formed in their current locations. Alfred Wegener first published this theory of continental drift in 1915. Which of the following provides evidence for continental drift?
It is easier to roll a barrel than to pull it because:
The greater the mass of an object,
Why should we wear light colored clothes during summer?
Smoke is an example of a _____ because its suspended particles are just small enough not to layer out.
Which rock will most likely contain fossils?
The group number tells us how many _________ there are in an element.
Which correctly places the stages of mitosis in order?
The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is:
The flower of a plant is involved in reproduction. Which parts are male and which are female?
A force is a ____________________
What is the greenhouse effect?
Sandra was burning a vanilla candle. Was there a chemical reaction?
It is a special area of the atmosphere that protects the Earth from harmful ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun.
The diagram shows two types of movements of Earth's crust. What feature of the ocean floor develops in the region labeled A?
A person weighs more in an elevator, which is:
A solid formed by the chemical reaction of some solutions is a ________.