General Science (DOST Reviewer)

This General Science Practice Test is comprised of 50 random questions from General Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science that will test your ability in accomplishing various important scientific tasks. Please read the questions carefully and choose the correct answer from the choices below. The correct answer will be marked green, otherwise, red. After answering all the questions, share it on Facebook to view the results. Good luck! 

Fill in the blanks: Proteins are made of different ____________ which are arranged in different orders, or _________________.
Kepler's second law or the equal area law states that the closer a planet is to the sun the ________ it travels.
One finds it more difficult to walk on ice than on a concrete road because:
Natural radioactivity was discovered by:
What it the process called when acids and bases react to form salt?
Which of the following is true about the kingdom Bacteria?
The greater the mass of an object,
Which component of a nucleotide contains the information needed to make proteins?
Glass is made of the mixture of:
If a car is rolling down a ramp, the force between the tires and the ramp is an example of:
When two mercury drops are brought into contact, they merge to a bigger drop because liquids have tendency to possess:
Peanut ran 50 meters in 10 seconds. What was Peanut's average speed?
In natural selection, one variation which is present in ALL members of a population is a called a -
The mass number of a nucleus is:
Organisms in temperate zones are able to time their activities to cues given by the photoperiod, since:
Why should we wear light colored clothes during summer?
It is easier to roll a barrel than to pull it because:
Isotopes of an element contain same number of:
Metamorphic rock can form from:
Optic fibers are mainly used for which of the following?
The existence of microorganisms in the human gastric system is an example of:
Where are earthquakes most likely to occur?
Which of the following is common bleaching agent?
When velocity is doubled:
Vitamin D can be obtained from _______________.
During summer, we feel comfortable under a fan because it:
Kepler's First Law states that the _______ is at one of the foci of the orbits of the planets in our solar system
What is meant by the term "genetic variation?"
The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruit is:
Which symbiotic relationship is described by one individual benefiting and the other being neither harmed nor benefited?
The human body has 23 homologous pairs of chromosomes. How many chromosomes does a somatic cell have?
Scientists once thought that the continents had formed in their current locations. Alfred Wegener first published this theory of continental drift in 1915. Which of the following provides evidence for continental drift?
The diagram shows two types of movements of Earth's crust. What feature of the ocean floor develops in the region labeled A?
Which of the following properties of water enables it to move from the roots to the leaves of plants?
The lithosphere combines what two layers?
If the distance between the earth and the sun were twice what it is now, the gravitational force exerted on the earth by the sun would be:
What is the curved path that an object follows when thrown or launched near the surface of the Earth?
A battery operated DVD player uses 12 volts from AA batteries and draws a current of 3 amperes. What is the resistance?
What is the greenhouse effect?
Sound of frequency below 20 Hz is called:
Which is/are the important raw material(s) required in cement industry?
You are at the Kennedy Space Center, sitting in your rocket, ready to launch. You look out the window and view the sky. You are currently sitting at the lowest level of the atmosphere. What is this level called?
A cart rolls down an inclined plane with constant speed as shown in the diagram below. Which arrow represents the direction of frictional force?
Any force that causes an object to move in a circle is called a(n)
The ________________ tells you how many energy levels are used in an element.
The flower of a plant is involved in reproduction. Which parts are male and which are female?
The thinnest layer of the Earth is?
The force of gravity on a person or object on the surface of a planet is called
Which occurs when atoms link together in new ways to create a substance different from the original substances?
What level does the mice primarily eat in?