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How to Check Precinct Number Online: 2023 Barangay and SK Elections

The 2023 Barangay and SK elections are fast approaching. Are you ready to exercise your right to vote on October 30, 2023? If you are a registered voter, you need to find out your COMELEC Precinct Number before you head to the polling station. This number will tell you where you should cast your ballot and other important details about the voting process. Fortunately, finding …

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How to Find Your Voting Precinct Online

Are you a new voter in the May 2022 Presidential Election and would like to know your precinct number? You can also use the traditional method of manually verifying your precinct and sequence numbers at your local polling place. However, with the proliferation of smartphones and increased internet access, it is now possible to locate your polling precinct online. The Commission on Elections developed the …

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