How to Check Your Civil Service Exam Rating Online

Did you pass or fail the March 2019 Civil Service Exam? Do you want to know your rating? Well, the individual results of the March 2019 CSE-PPT for the Professional and Sub-Professional Level are now available online. Whether you passed or failed that exam, you can now check your rating using the Online Career Service Examination Result Generation System (OCSERGS).

To help you check your rating, we created this guide for you. You just need to prepare the information like date of examination, type of exam, and the region number where you took the exam. Without further ado, here is our little guide on how to check your Civil Service Exam rating online.

How to Use the OCSERGS

Nowadays, checking your CSE result is easy and convenient using the Commission’s Online Career Service Examination Result Generation System or OCSERGS. To generate your result, you must fill out the required information on the corresponding data fields.

1. Using a browser and computer or a phone with a good internet connection, go to the OCSERGS portal through this link: .

2. Enter the needed information on the corresponding data fields. Use the drop-down menu if necessary.


3. Make sure that you’ve entered the correct information before hitting the submit button.

4. The system will now generate your Notice of Rating indicating your general rating and rating per competency areas.

Generated Notice of Rating

If you passed the examination, the next step is to claim your Certificate of Eligibility. But hold your horses, ladies and gentlemen! The claiming of the certificate is usually announced approximately thirty (30) days after posting of results. You can only claim the certificate once the Commissioned announced its availability. You can use our guide on how to claim the CSC Certificate of Eligibility.

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