Grammar and Vocabulary Test

Find out how good you are at English grammar with this multiple choice test. This basic grammar practice test contains 60 questions and the explanations of the correct answers. Don’t forget to read the instruction before you start. After answering a question, click the “Continue” button to move to the next one.

Read each question and answer choice carefully and choose the ONE best answer. Try to answer all questions.

I didn't _____ to see Allen when I was in New York.
____ I hadn't been expecting any visitors, I was wearing pajamas when the doorbell rang.
Because I have lived in the city since I was ten years old, I find myself wanting to escape from the humdrum of urban living.
The confusion ______ the discovery of the body made everybody lose track of time.
Palpable means most nearly:
Your husband was a bit out of control at the party, to ____ mildly.
`To listen to a person's blandishments means most nearly to listen to his:
I'd like to change 100 dollars __________ pesos, please.
It's not so much his looks I don't like ____ his inability to listen.
The government's reforms did much to ameliorate the people's living standards.
The project was left in abeyance for the time being.
Urbane means most nearly:
I think you should let your daughter ______ over at Judy's.
Prices are too high and they will remain _____ until inflation comes down.
There are more _____ than last year.
Neither she nor her friend ______ invited to the party.
It was a situation law abiding citizens could not put up with.
I'd __________ play football than watch it.
Mrs Brown's death came as no surprise, as she was said _____ ill for a long time.
Do you mind __________ I open the window?
It took a long time _______ accepted.
Knowing he was late, he _________ .
The thing ______ I love the most about him is his smile.
Have you seen Gone with the Wind? ______ it's a very good film.
Your shirt is dirty, I don't think it will _____ for the wedding.
__________ was the weather like when you were on holiday?
Is that sweater __________?
If your invitations are met with repeated ______ , you should just leave him alone.
There's no point _______ the kids. They're old enough to look after themselves.
The incumbent governor in his province became the target for accusations of vacillating leadership.
This could have hardly _____ better- we sealed the deal and signed the contract.
Miriam left her husband after a ______ row.
I can't decide _____ to move in with my boyfriend.
I don't know __________ people at this party, do you?
Little by little, the helpless victim sank into the mud.
Where __________ you live when you were a child?
_____ me to your mother when you are in London.
My grandfather was never _____ apologize to anyone.
It was an experience to be remembered.
I've never __________ to the USA.
To say that a witness gives a graphic account of a crime means most nearly that he gives account which is:
When I asked him ______ the keys , Bob said he had no idea where they were.
Let's sleep on it, _____ we?
I can't park here. That motorbike is ____ the way.
He always gets up at 5 o'clock in the morning, _____ on holiday.
Are you __________ get up soon?
Much of what the speaker said was off the point.
My sister and her boyfriend are getting __________ next year.
The actress was extremely reticent about her personal affairs.
_____ any further information, do not hesitate to contact me.
The farmer's winsome daughter became the wife of the newly-elected town mayor.
There are strict rules against students ____ their mobile phones at the school premises.
It is very unpleasant to be with someone who constantly makes flippant remarks.
My aunt __________ on the ice and broke her leg.
Maria gave ______________________________ for his birthday.
Although we had tickets, we _________ for an hour.
The leaders attempted to have the people do away with extravagant fiesta celebrations.
He's one of the most hated men in history, despite _______ anything really bad.
It is not prudent to approach strangers found in isolated spots.
There was a bedlam in the courtroom after the jury returned a verdict of not guilty.