LET | Professional Education: Facilitating Learning, Child and Adolescent Development

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Which teaching activity is founded on Bandura's Social Learning Theory?
According to this developmental psychologist, children’s thinking skills move from simplicity to complexity.
Children must develop fundamental knowledge on the four properties of the external world. All of the choices are properties EXCEPT:
Teacher Piolo, a Chemistry teacher, makes sure all eyes are on him as he demonstrates the proper behavior in lighting a Bunsen burner. Whose theory supports Teacher Piolo’s practice?
Drive-reduction theory of motivation is for the "push" factor while the ________ is for the "pull" factor.
A child submitted a poor written report but packaged with brightly colored paper. This showcases_______.
Based on Bandura's social learning theory, whom do children often imitate. Those who ___________:
I. have substantial influence over their lives.
II. belong to their peer group.
III. belong to other races.
IV. are successful and seem admired.
The ability of a child to conceptualize the retention and preservation of the same quantity under various changes.
The use of drills in the classroom is rooted on Thorndike's law of:
This laws states that every stimulus pattern is seen in such a way that the resulting structure is as simple as possible.
Teacher Dennis begins a lesson on tumbling by demonstrating front and back somersaults in slow motion and physically guiding his students through the correct movements. As his students become more skillful, he stands back from the mat and gives verbal feedback about how to improve. With Vygotsky's theory in mind, what did teacher Dennis do?
What is the best explanation of Piaget's concrete operational thought to describe the school-age child's mental ability?
According to Jerome Bruner, learning is a simultaneous process of acquisition, transformation and_______________.
Research found out that children learn visual discrimination tasks more rapidly if they talk to themselves. This shows that ______.
In the 4a´s approach to facilitating learning, the students learn best to relate ideas to real life through ____________.
Student A has an IQ of 160. Student A is classified as _____.
This idea refers to the formation of meaning of certain knowledge.
According to Maslow, the highest of the need in the Hierarchy of Needs theory is:
When a teacher present a morally ambiguous situation to his students and ask them what to do, the teacher’s technique is based on the theory of _________.
What is the most accurate definition of the puberty stage?
What does Gagne's Hierarchical theory propose for effective instruction?
What is Freud's idea about a young boy's guilt feeling brought about by jealousy of his father's relationship with his mother?
Using Herzbeg's motivation-hygiene theory,which is considered a hygiene factor in learning?
What learning process involves the application of previously acquired learning to new or different situations?
Bernadette enjoyed the roller coaster when they went to Enchanted Kingdom. The mere sight of roller coaster gets her excited. Which theory explain's Bernadette's behavior?
What do the school campus expressions "promdi" and "barriotic" indicate?
A four-year old child asked her mom the concepts of the words vehicle, car, luxury car, and sports car. To let the child understand the concept better, which of the following words must be explained first by the mother?
He is generally considered as the father of modern education.
What is the main role of the teacher?
The tendency to imitate elders is very strong in the early childhood stage. Teachers should therefore be very good?
Macey was walking by the road to buy suka. Suddenly, a green snake bit her right foot and left her very terrified for the rest of the day. Since that incident, she has held immense fear towards all snakes. What concept is best illustrated in this scenario?
What can be the best comparison of the behavior of a 17-year old girl to that of her 13-year old brother?
According to Erikson, identity and role confusion occurs during:
According to Erickson, what is the primary task of an adolescent?
What process involves the storing/preserving and retrieving of learning accurately when a need for such arises?
If you have to develop in the students a correct sense of right and wring, with which should you be concerned according to Freud?
Denzel’s mother noticed that her son always wants to get her attention and is jealous of his father. Denzel then can be classified under what psychoanalytic stage of development?
A mother gives her son his favorite snack every time the boy cleans up his room. Afterwards, the boy clean his room everyday in anticipation of the snack. Which theory is illustrated?
Classical conditioning theory is always attributed to him for his experiment involving the dog’s salivation as a reaction to the sound of the buzzer.
Joy, who is low achieving, shy and withdrawn, is rejected by most of her peers. Her teacher wants to help Joy increase her self-esteem and social acceptance. What can Joy's teacher suggest to her parents?
Who among the following developed the Social Learning Theory?
Identical twins are more alike than fraternal twins. Which of the following statements/principles is supported by this?
Which of the following is a barrier to the improvement of memory?
The best example of operant conditioning among the following is:
Providing variety of learning activities to students is a characteristic of a teacher who understand the principle of:
Teacher Hanna asked her students to describe how their families celebrate holidays. Students can discover that people celebrate holidays differently. Which principle in cognitive development governs Teacher Hanna's teaching activity?
According to Jean Piaget, this level of development occurs from twelve to eighteen months of a child and is when the child starts to develop his curiosity.
Certain injury to the language area of the brain can cause the total loss of the ability to produce and/ or understand language, this condition is known as:
Rennie Boy always waits at his neighbor Gerald every morning. He enjoys seeing him while biking and imitates the actions of Gerald while he rides his own bike. Who is the proponent of Social Learning Theory which applies in the situation?
When a little girl who says she wants her mother to go on vacation so that she can marry her father, Freud believes that she is voicing a fantasy consistent with?
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