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CSC List of Accepted IDs for 2024 Civil Service Exam

The Civil Service Exam is a competitive test that measures the qualifications of applicants who want to work for the government. It is divided into two levels: the Professional level and the Subprofessional level. Each level has different requirements and benefits. To apply for either level, you need to have a valid ID that the CSC will recognize. Without further ado, here are the identification cards that the CSC will …

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Examinee in Civil Service Exam

CSC Civil Service Exam 2024: Schedule and Requirements

Many Filipinos aspire to work full-time and permanently for the government. Working in the government as a permanent employee provides job security, a solid retirement package, and a competitive salary in comparison to comparable employment in the public sector. It’s one thing to join the public service, but becoming a regular employee is a much bigger challenge. To become a regular employee of a government agency, you must first pass …

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PISAY Visayas Campus

PSHS NCE Application for AY 2024-2025 is Now Open: Apply Now!

The Philippine Science High School (PSHS) is now accepting online applications for the incoming Grade 7 (AY 2024-2025). Filipino students who meet the criteria may now apply for the PSHS National Competitive Examination (NCE). The deadline for submission of the online and completed application form and the requirements is October 13, 2023. Only the top 15,000 qualifiers based on the applicant’s Predicted NCE Grade (PNG) computation shall be allowed to …

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a parent writing an excuse letter for her child.

Excuse Letter for Being Absent in Class: Samples and Templates

An excuse letter for being absent in class is a document that explains why a student missed one or more classes. It can be written by the student, a parent, or a guardian, depending on the situation. The purpose of an excuse letter is to inform the teacher or the school administration about the reason for the absence and to request for any make-up work or assignments that the student …

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Prayer After Class: Closing Prayers for Face-to-Face Classes

Prayer after class is a common practice in many schools, especially those with religious affiliations. It is a powerful way to connect with God and ask for His guidance and blessings. It can also be a way to reflect on the day’s learning and give thanks for the knowledge and wisdom that we have gained. In this article, we will discuss the importance of prayer after class, and provide some …

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title defense questions

11 Possible Questions in Research Title Defense

The research title defense is a part where you will face a panel of evaluators to defend or explain to them what you want to learn about your thesis or proposed research titles. Some schools and institutions organize committees to screen and criticize research titles before they are allowed to proceed with the actual research. Here, you will have a question-and-answer session with a panel of evaluators. This session aims …

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