Pharmacognosy Mock Exam

This is the second module and it consists of 30-question practice test in a multiple choice format. Read the questions carefully and choose the best answer from the answer choices. Good luck! 

Goldbeater's test is used to detect:
How many ATP is generated by 1 molecule of NADH via oxidative phosphorylation:
The enzyme affected in this glycogen storage disease is glucose-6-phosphate. Symptoms include enlarged liver and kidney failure.
The end product of hydrolysis of glycogen is:
Removal of TAG from VLDL will ultimately form what?
Blood test of this condition shows elevated T3 and T4 hormones and low levels of TSH.
Nitric oxide is derived from which amino acid?
How many high energy phosphate bonds is/are found in ADP?
The end product of protein metabolism is:
Malnutrition that arises when an individual's dietary intake is sufficient, but energy is not adequately absorbed by the body.
Purine base(s)
Sickle cell diseases is a genetic disorder of the blood by a point mutation in the β-globin gene. In the amino acid substitution, ____is replaced by ______.
Which amino acid is conjugated with bile in the liver to form bile salts?
Digestion of carbohydrates begin where?
An allergic reaction is primarily due to the release of:
Regarding steroid synthesis, which of the following is/are true?
Seliwanoff's test is for?
The activation of pepsinogen requires:
Iodination of T3 forms what product?
These are esters of fatty acids and a monohydric alcohol:
Presents as hypothyroidism with compensatory enlargement of the thyroid gland:
MAO is a?
Serotonin is synthesized from this amino acid:
The citric acid cycle is an example of what metabolism?
This test is used to differentiate monosaccharides from dissacharides.
The following are essential fatty acids except:
Compute for the isoelectric point of lysine. pK1=2.2; pK2=9.2; pK3=10.8
The α-naphthol reaction is also called?
Condition caused by a lack of insulin or a resistance to insulin.
All 20 amino acids are optically active except: