August 2023 CSE Results: Sub-Professional Level Passers

Civil Service Exam Results August 2023– The Civil Service Commission announced the results of the August 2023 Career Service Examination—Pen and Paper Test for Sub-Professional Level—on November 3, 2023. The said examination was conducted on August 20, 2023, in different testing centers nationwide. The results are expected to be released seventy-five (75) calendar days after the examination.

The Civil Service Exam in August 2023 saw a total of 41,046 examinees, which is a decrease compared to the March 2023 exam which had 49,791 examinees. This represents a decrease of approximately 17.6%. However, when compared to the August 2022 exam, which had 20,765 examinees, there is a significant increase of about 97.8% in the number of examinees. It’s interesting to note that, despite these fluctuations, the Sub-professional level consistently has fewer examinees than the Professional level.

August 2023 Civil Service Exam Results | Sub-Professional Level

Check your name on the lists according to the region in which you took the examination. Upon loading, please refresh your browser and/or clear your browser’s cache from time to time to see the results.

How Do You Check Your Exam Score?

You can view the scores using the Online Civil Service Examination Result Generation System, or OCSERGS. It will be available on November 18, 2023 or 15 days after the posting of the official results. To help you know your CSE score, please follow our guide: How to Check Your Civil Service Exam Ratings Online.

Issuance of Certificates of Eligibility

The Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) for both Professional and Sub-Professional levels will be ready for collection 30 days after the official results are posted. Before you proceed, please confirm the availability of the CoE with your local CSC Regional/Field Office. The Civil Service Commission provides the CoE free of charge, but it must be collected in person, as representatives are not permitted to claim on your behalf. If you have relocated since taking the exam, you can request to collect your CoE from the nearest CSC Regional or Field Office.

Once you have confirmed that your CoE is available, please visit the CSC Regional or Field Office with the same valid ID that you used when applying for the exam. If this ID is no longer available, any ID that the Civil Service Commission accepts will do. Please be aware that the CSC may request additional documents to confirm your identity. It’s advisable to bring along your application receipt, CSC official receipt, birth certificate, or marriage certificate in case they are required.

Previous Exams

In the Civil Service Exam conducted in March 2023, 9,942 out of 49,791 examinees passed the Subprofessional Level exam. This represents a passing rate of 19.97%.  LM Tricia T. De La Cruz from Western Visayas was the topnotcher at the subprofessional level with a 90.24 rating.

Similarly, in the August 2022 examination, 4,066 out of 20,765 examinees, or 19.58% passed the Subprofessional Level. The highest scorer in this exam was Rey Timothy H. Nalica from Southern Tagalog, who secured a remarkable rating of 94.77%.

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