How to Become a Pilot in the Philippine Air Force

Have you ever wanted to fly a fighter plane? Is becoming a fighter pilot in the air force became your lifelong dream. Why don’t you join the Philippine Air Force Flying School this 2019? If you are interested in joining the ranks of our elite warriors in the sky, please read on.

The Philippine Air Force Flying School

The Philippine Air Force Flying School is the “Air Force Academy of the Philippines”. Located at the pine-tree clad Fernando Air Base in Lipa City Batangas province, it is responsible for the training of all the future pilots of the Philippine Air Force.

In the past, you can directly join the Philippine Air Force Flying School (PAFFS) right after college through the Aviation Cadet Program (ACP) and start your Military Pilot Training (MPT) as a DODO Cadet in the Philippine Air Force Flying School. But since the Philippine Air Force discontinued the Aviation Cadet Program of the PAFFS, the only way take the Military Pilot Training is to become an officer in the PAF with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant or higher. There are two ways to accomplish this. The first is to join the Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School (PAFOCS) or the Philippine Military Academy (PMA).

PhAF FA-50PH Golden Eagle
The FA-50PH Lead-in Fighter Trainer of the Philippine Air Force. Image Credit: PAF

Philippine Air Force Flying School Requirements

Becoming a pilot in the Air Force is a long and rigorous process. It is no easy task, but if you make it, you will be among the elite warriors of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. Here’s what you need to do if you’re going to try to earn your wings:

You must be an officer in the Air Force

If you are between 17 to 21 years old, you can join the PMA and become a cadet of the most prestigious military school in the country today. Choose the Air Force as your branch of service. After graduation, you’ll be commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant (2Lt) in the Philippine Air Force. To join the PMA, follow our guide on PMA Entrance Exam 2018 Date, Requirements, Coverage and Application Guide.

The other way to become an officer in the PAF to join the Philippine Air Force Flying School is to join the Philippine Air Force Officer Candidate School (PAFOCS). If you are 21-29 years of age and a holder of a Baccalaureate Degree, you can try entering the PAF through PAFOCS. Any 4 or 5-year course is accepted, but the Air Force prefers “scientific” degrees, such as engineering, physics, computer science, and chemistry. PAFOCS candidates with civilian flight training, such as a private pilot’s license, also tend to fare better with the selection board than those with no flying experience.

Keep in mind that the safest age for you to qualify for the Military Pilot Training in the PAFFS is between the ages of 22 and 26 with a 2Lt rank on your shoulders.

Must be recommended by your Commander

Well, this is self-explanatory. It means you must have the approval and recommendation of your unit commander before entering the PAFFS to take the Military Pilot Training.

You must be physically and mentally fit

Entering the PAF Flying School requires another examination, the Military Pilot Aptitude Test (MPAT). It is the qualifying exam prior to flight training. You must pass this exam along with a series of interviews, a battery of physical, psychological and background tests and medical examinations. You must be at least 5’4″ but no more than 6 feet 5 inches tall and not overweight. Your seated height must be between 34 and 40 inches. Make sure to have a 20/20 vision and not color blind. If you have problems with depth perception or have had laser eye surgery, you will be disqualified. Other disqualifications include a history of hay fever, asthma or allergies after the age of 12.

After passing the medical exam, interview and aptitude test, you will be selected to be one of the Student Officer and the chances of joining will depend on your standing after the series of examination and interviews had been finished.


Becoming a pilot in the Philippine Air Force is a very rewarding career. Once you got your wings, you can fly choppers, fixed-wing aircraft, turboprops, or jets. After your service in the military, you can join the civilian aviation industry as a commercial pilot. The Air Force is your cheap but longer route to your future aviation career. Take the challenge and soar high!

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  1. Magandang araw po . Dreams ko po talagang maging pilot Ng Philippine air force at maglingkod SA bayan gusto ko sanang malaman kung Anu po ba ang pwedi Kong gawin hindi pa po ako nagkakapagcollege at I am 24 years old nw palano ko po mag college nw Anu po ba course na mas Ganda. para maka take Ng exam at maging pilot Ng Philippine air force? Samalamat po SA sagot.

  2. GOOD DAY SIR! I’m a graduating student with degree of bachelor of industrial technology major in INSTRUMENTATION. I want to be a pilot. what is the best recommendations you can give to me?

  3. pwede pa bang maging piloto sa PAF kung kasal ka na pero wala ka pa namang anak? and kung hindi man, may mga open job pa ba sa mga kagaya ko na kasal na? salamat sa sasagot.

  4. Paano po kung criminolgy graduate? di ba pwede kasi di naman gaanong scientific course ang criminology eh. thanks po ss sagot

  5. Good day!
    Ang tanong ko po ay kung hanggang 26 years old lang po ba ang requirement para sa pagiging piloto da PAF? Kapag po ba lumagpas na sa ganyang edad wala ng chance para maging piloto?

  6. Hi Sir. My question is, am I still qualified to become an Air Force Pilot if by the time I finish/graduate from the PAFOCS I will be 28 years old?

  7. Good day, I’m a graduating SHS student and I am planning to join the Philippine Air Force for it is my lifetime dream to serve my country. May I ask what are the necessary steps to join the PAF like do I have to join the PMA if I don’t intend to take Aviation college courses?

  8. Good day po! Ask ko lng po kung my mild scoliosis pwed pa pong mag apply sa Phil. Airforce? Ilang degree mo ung allowed pag my scoliosis? Hope you will answer my question thank you po

    • Good day po sir, graduate po ako ng 4 yrs course ng BS Aviation Information System sa Philsca, and i want my dreams come true as part in your company to become a military pilot. Posible po b n qualified ako at kung paano ako maka pasok sa military pilot at anu ang mga kailangan kung gawin at ihanda to become a military pilot.? Hopely i recieve a answer.

  9. i did take the AFPSAT exam and passed the exam but i did not reached the 98 percent to become an officer. So, Can i take an exam in PAFOCS to become an officer in your military company/Agency? I am a college Graduate and got the degree in Community Health Management as well as Registered Emergency Medical Technician.

  10. Hi Good day! I already take and passed the PAFOC Qualifying exam last 2018. But I was unable to attend the Physical Fitness Test due to my graduation activities last year. What necessary action I need to be done in order to continue and pursue the program? Reapply and take the examination again or Am I already disqualified for the program? Thank you so much.

  11. Magandang umaga po. Graduating po ako this June at magiging 21 po ako ngayong October. Pwede na po ba akong mag take ng exam for PAF?

  12. Good day Sir. I’m a senior high school female student. I want to become a pilot in the near future. Is it necessary to join Philippine Air Force to have a license for commercial pilot?. Since my uncle wants me to join Philippine Air Force because PAF does have best licensed pilots.

    • No. You don’t have to join the Air Force to become a commercial pilot. If you have money to spend, finish a baccalaureate degree in engineering or any aviation-related course then enroll in a private aviation school for your pilot training. Flight training in aviation schools in the Philippines typically cost between 3-5 million pesos.

  13. good day sir!

    i would like to take the exam in PAAFFOC pero bakit po coincide yung data ng qualification dito sa site na to. kasi po may nakit din po akong qualification na sure ako na qualified ako.

    ang hieght ko lang po is 5’2 at yung nakita ko pong qualification ay ito po
    “You must be at least 5’4″ but no more than 6 feet 5 inches tall and not overweight. Your seated height must be between 34 and 40 inches. ”

    ito yung site na kinunan ko nag info:

    paki sagot naman po kung alin po ba yung tamang qualification sa PAFOCC.

    Salamat sir!

  14. good day sir!.

    gusto ko po sanang mag apply. pero 5’2 lang po yung hieght ko. pero bakit iba po yung qualification for PAFFOC gaya ng nkasaad sa itaas. ito po ung binasihan ko na qualification. 5.0 yung hieght na minimum sir.

    You may also read this: How to Become a Pilot in the Philippine Air Force

    Requirements and Qualifications
    The steps to becoming a part of the Philippine Air Force is: submit your application, take the pre-entry exam for the PAFOCC/BMT and pass it, then you’ll undergo training. But before you do it even the first step, you must first meet all these requirements and qualifications:

    “You must be a natural born citizen of the Republic of the Philippines.
    of good moral character
    Must be single, never been married and never borne nor sired a child.
    Must have a barefoot height of not less than 152.4 centimeters or 5.0′ for both male and female*
    Physically and mentally fit for military training”

    ito po yung site na kinunan ko po ng information “”

    paki sagot naman po yung query ko.

    salamat sir.

    • For PAFOCC, 5 feet for male and female ok na. But if you want to take the Military Pilot Training, you have to be at least 5’4″ but no more than 6 feet 5 inches tall and not overweight.

  15. sir magandang umaga , sir wala po ako natanggap na email galing sa airforce noong nagpa online registration ako hanggang ngayon na para po sa PAFOCC, ano po dapat gawin ko?medyo matagaltagal na yung duration, di ko po alam kung nagkamali ako sa pag register

  16. Hi, I’m 5’0″, is there any possible way that I can make it in Military Pilot Training? A reply would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

  17. Im studying Aeronautical Engineering and probably be finished by 2021, I’ll be 24 by then. I would like to join in PAFOCS. How could I get that 2LT rank?

    A reply would be much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

  18. Hi, I am 22 yrs old. I have a degree in Electronics Engineering and wanted to join the PAF. I am about to take the AFPSAT exam. I just want to ask if there would be another exam that I have to take in joining the PAF and if so, do you have the schedule for next yr? Since, the year is about to end. Thank You.

  19. Hello! I am a woman, 24 years old, currently a third year law student (though I still feel to this day that it isn’t my calling) But I really want to become a pilot. I know that this career would make me genuinely happy. May I ask if it is still possible for me to apply? A friend of mine told me that there is an age limit which is 23 years, is that true? Thank you!

    • You can apply as a PAF officer through PAF Officer Candidate School. When you already have that 2Lt rank on your shoulders and not more than 26 years old, you will qualify for the Military Pilot Training in the PAFFS.

  20. how many years will it take to become a military pilot po? graduating po kasi ako ng Bachelor of Arts major in Aviation Logisitcs, okay lang naman po siguro kahit AB at hindi BS yung mismong course diba po? curious lang din po ako kung mga ilang years ang aabutin. thank you po.

  21. Hi Sir,

    Is it still possible for me to join despite not having 20/20 vision? Not that severe but It’s my only problem and I’m quite sure qualified for the rest of the requirements. Thank you.

    • Sir is it possible to become a Airforce Pilot when you just recieve your 2LT rank but just about to turn 27 years old after? Am I still qualified to partake the Pilot training?

  22. Goodday thankypu for the informatve info.

    26 yrs old n po kc ako mech engr by profession may chnce pakaya maging pilot?

    Kc may nabnggit po sakin na age limkt sa PAFFS?


  23. Sir im college graduate of 5yrs course Bachelor of Science Major in computer engineer , 26 yrs old … work as instrumentation and control process engineering tech… may chance po ba ako makapag pilot sa airforce .. dream ko po talaga maging piloto…

  24. Hi! Can I have a guarantee of being an airforce pilot if I join? I already have my Private Pilot’s License, Commercial Pilot’s License, and Instrument Rating. I also finished BS in Aeronautical Engineering. Is there a way to get a guarantee as an Airforce Pilot if I already am a licensed pilot before I even start my Officer Course?

  25. Hi. I am graduated in a bachelors degree. 25 years old and physically fit, but I do not have a 20/20 vision and I used corrected lenses. It is possible to join in PAF?

  26. Sir, one of the requirements to be qualified as pilot in the air force is to graduate of 4 years course, and i am a graduate of aviation electronic technology but just 2 years could there be possibilities that they will consider my application for PAFOCS regardless i took an aviation related course???

    • No, you can’t join the PAFOCS. A Baccalaureate degree is required to become a commissioned officer in the Armed Forces.

  27. I am going to be 21 this november 2018 and i have recently completed my graduation with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Becoming a military pilot has always been my lifelong dream since my high school years and watching war movies pushed me through and encouraged me into this dream. Is the PAFFOCS on going? Where can I join since I am from northern mindanao?

    • Hi, Suzzette! I hope you will see my comment as soon as possible. I’m assuming you are a female? If so, please reach me into my social medias instagram: @hazelanngelic fb: Hazel Ann Topacio. I would love to talk to someone with the same goals as me. I’ve been finding someone I can go with to pursue being a military pilot. I would love to be your friend if you will. I really do hope you’ll see this. Xo


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