Best College Courses for ABM Students in the Philippines

If you’re a Filipino student pursuing or considering the ABM strand in senior high school, you’re on the right path toward a successful future. ABM stands for Accounting, Business, and Management, a strand offered in senior high schools in the Philippines. It equips students with knowledge and skills in financial management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and other business-related subjects.

Choosing ABM as your academic track offers numerous benefits. Firstly, it opens doors to a wide array of career opportunities in fields such as accounting, finance, marketing, human resources, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, the ABM strand equips students with essential skills such as communication, problem-solving, and leadership, which are highly valued in the business world. It also emphasizes practical applications, allowing students to gain real-world experiences and hands-on learning opportunities.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best college courses for ABM students in the Philippines. We’ll examine what sets these programs apart from others and how they can help prepare students for success in their chosen fields.

Top College Courses for ABM Students

As the job market becomes more competitive, students in the Philippines are looking for courses to give them an edge in their future careers. For those pursuing a degree in Accounting, Business, and Management (ABM), finding the right college course is essential. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which program will provide the most benefits and opportunities. Here are some college courses you can pursue as an ABM strand graduate.

Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA)

This program is designed for students interested in pursuing careers as Certified Public Accountants (CPAs). It provides a comprehensive understanding of accounting principles, auditing, taxation, and financial management. The BSA program prepares students for the rigorous CPA licensure examination.

Career Opportunities for BSA Graduates:

  1. Certified Public Accountant (CPA): Graduates who pass the CPA board exam can work as CPAs in accounting firms, both local and international. They can provide services such as financial auditing, tax planning, management consulting, and financial advisory to clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations. CPAs are highly sought after in the accounting profession and have excellent career prospects.
  2. Financial Analyst: You can pursue a career as a financial analyst in various industries. You will analyze financial data, conduct market research, and provide recommendations for investment decisions, financial planning, and risk management. Financial analysts play a crucial role in helping organizations make informed financial decisions.
  3. Tax Consultant: With an in-depth knowledge of taxation principles, you can work as a tax consultant or specialist. You will assist individuals and businesses in navigating complex tax laws, ensuring compliance, and optimizing tax strategies. Tax consultants provide valuable insights to minimize tax liabilities while maximizing savings for their clients.
  4. Internal Auditor: BSA graduates can pursue careers as internal auditors in organizations. Internal auditors assess the effectiveness of internal controls, identify risks, and provide recommendations for process improvement. They play a crucial role in ensuring transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulations within an organization.
  5. Financial Manager: Graduates who have gained experience in the field can pursue careers as financial managers. They oversee financial operations, develop financial strategies, and make sound financial decisions to ensure the financial health of an organization. Financial managers play a vital role in planning budgets, managing investments, and analyzing financial performance.

If you are a BSA graduate who is not yet a CPA, there are still plenty of opportunities available in various industries. You can work in corporate finance, management accounting, financial analysis, budgeting, and other related roles. With experience and further professional development, You can also pursue your CPA license in the future, expanding your career prospects.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)

BSBA offers various specializations, including marketing, finance, human resource management, and operations management. It provides a well-rounded business education, preparing students for diverse roles in the corporate world.

Career Opportunities for BSBA Graduates

  1. Marketing Specialist/Manager: BSBA graduates specializing in marketing can pursue careers as marketing specialists or managers. They develop marketing strategies, conduct market research, manage advertising campaigns, and analyze consumer behavior. Marketing professionals are essential in driving business growth and increasing brand awareness.
  2. Financial Analyst/Manager: If you have a specialization in finance, opportunities as a financial analyst or manager are available. You will analyze financial data, assess investment opportunities, manage budgets, and provide financial insights to support strategic decision-making. Financial professionals play a critical role in ensuring an organization’s financial stability and success.
  3. Human Resource Manager: Those specializing in human resource management can pursue careers as human resource managers. They are responsible for recruiting, training, and managing the workforce, developing and implementing HR policies, and ensuring legal compliance. Human resource managers play a crucial role in fostering a positive work environment and optimizing employee performance.
  4. Operations Manager: Graduates with a specialization in operations management can pursue careers as operations managers. They oversee the production process, optimize efficiency, manage logistics, and ensure smooth operations within an organization and improving productivity and reducing costs.
  5. Entrepreneur/Business Owner: BSBA graduates have the option to start their own businesses and become entrepreneurs. The program equips them with essential business skills, including business planning, financial management, marketing strategies, and operations. Starting a business allows graduates to showcase their creativity, innovation, and leadership skills.
  6. Business Consultant: Graduates with a strong foundation in business administration can work as business consultants. They provide expert advice to organizations on various aspects such as strategy, process improvement, financial management, and operational efficiency. Business consultants assist companies in identifying opportunities for growth and overcoming challenges.
  7. Sales Manager: If you have a specialization in marketing or sales, roles as sales managers are available. You will lead sales teams, develop sales strategies, manage client relationships, drive revenue growth, achieve sales targets, and expand market reach.

These are just a few examples of the many career opportunities available to BSBA graduates in the Philippines. The versatility of the program allows graduates to explore various industries and roles within the corporate world.

Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship

This program is tailored for individuals with a passion for innovation and creating their ventures. It focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills, including opportunity recognition, business planning, and venture management.

Job Opportunities for BS Entrepreneurship Graduates

  1. Entrepreneur/Start-up Founder: Many entrepreneurship graduates eventually go on to start their own businesses. You can become your own boss by starting your own business venture. This degree equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify opportunities, develop business plans, secure funding, and manage the operations of a business. This is a great option for those who are passionate about their own ideas and have the drive to succeed.
  2. Business Development Manager: Many companies, both large and small, hire business development managers to identify new growth opportunities, forge strategic partnerships, and expand their market reach. Your understanding of entrepreneurship can be valuable in this role, as it requires creativity, innovative thinking, and an ability to navigate the business landscape.
  3. Sales and Marketing Manager: You can also pursue a career in sales and marketing. Your knowledge of market research, consumer behavior, and branding can help you excel in this role. You may work for a variety of companies, including consumer goods companies, advertising agencies, or digital marketing firms.
  4. Franchise Consultant: Franchising is a popular business model in the Philippines. As a franchise consultant, you can help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the franchising landscape, identify suitable franchise opportunities, and guide them through the process of starting and operating a franchise.

In addition to these specific career paths, entrepreneurship graduates can also find work in a variety of other fields, such as marketing, sales, finance, and human resources. The skills and knowledge that they learn in their entrepreneurship degree can be applied to a wide range of industries.

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BS HM) is a four-year program that focuses on the planning, development, and human resource management of various hotel, restaurant, and resort operations. Additionally, the program aims to teach skills for entrepreneurship.

In addition, this program seeks to provide students with an in-depth understanding of food and beverage service, as well as fundamental concepts in finance, marketing, and personnel management. Students will learn how to design and manage high-quality experiences for guests, such as sporting events, conferences, and five-star hotels.

Job Opportunities for BS Hospitality Graduates

A Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management equips graduates with a diverse set of skills and knowledge that can open up several career opportunities in the dynamic and thriving hospitality industry in the Philippines. Some of the potential career paths for Hospitality Management graduates in the Philippines include:

  1. Hotel Management: Graduates can pursue roles in hotel management, working in various departments such as front office, housekeeping, food and beverage, sales and marketing, and operations. You can aspire to positions like hotel manager, front office manager, food and beverage manager, banquet manager, or sales and marketing executive.
  2. Restaurant Management: You can explore careers in restaurant management, overseeing the operations, staff, and customer service in food establishments. You can work as a restaurant manager, assistant manager, or supervisor in both independent restaurants and chain establishments.
  3. Event Management: With your knowledge of organizing and coordinating events, you can pursue careers in event management companies, convention centers, or hotels that host conferences, weddings, exhibitions, and other special events. You can work as an event coordinator, event planner, or banquet manager.
  4. Tourism and Travel Industry: Graduates can find opportunities in the tourism and travel industry, working in travel agencies, tour operators, airlines, or cruise lines. You will have the opportunity to work as a flight attendant, airline customer service representative, travel consultant, tour coordinator, or cruise ship staff.
  5. Resort and Leisure Management: The Philippines is known for its beautiful resorts and leisure destinations. As a Hospitality Management graduate, you can work in resorts, spas, theme parks, or recreational facilities, managing guest services, operations, and entertainment as a resort manager, spa manager, or entertainment coordinator.


Embarking on an ABM education journey in the Philippines opens a world of opportunities for Filipino students. The field of accountancy, business, and management offers a diverse range of career paths, and by choosing the right college course, you can further enhance your skills and knowledge in your area of interest. Remember to consider your passions, strengths, and future career goals when selecting a college course. Embrace the exciting prospects that lie ahead, and enjoy the journey towards a successful and fulfilling career.

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