K12 students

Senior High School Guide: Choosing the Right Track and Strand

K-12 is a relatively new program here in the Philippines if you compare it with our neighboring countries. For students to move into college or the university level, they must undergo junior (Grades 7-10) and senior (Grades 11-12) high school level to be given a diploma. A certification is given during the junior level but finishing the senior high level certifies and validates that a …

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ABM courses in the Philippines

Best College Courses for ABM Students in the Philippines

If you’re a Filipino student pursuing or considering the ABM strand in senior high school, you’re on the right path toward a successful future. ABM stands for Accounting, Business, and Management, a strand offered in senior high schools in the Philippines. It equips students with knowledge and skills in financial management, entrepreneurship, marketing, and other business-related subjects. Choosing ABM as your academic track offers numerous …

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Quantitative research methods

Characteristics of Quantitative Research Methods

Quantitative research methods refer to the use of numerical data and statistical analyses in research. In this article, we will discuss its meaning, when to use them, and the eight main characteristics of this type of research. What are Quantitative Research Methods? Quantitative research methods involve collecting and analyzing numerical data to answer research questions. This type of research is often used to test hypotheses, …

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a girl doing research paper

How to Write a Research Hypothesis: Guide and Examples

A research hypothesis is an important part of any research project of a Senior High School student in the Philippines. It helps to focus the research and ensures that the results are relevant to the question being asked. Without a hypothesis, it can be challenging to know what to look for in the data, or how to interpret the results. What is a Hypothesis in …

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