BFP Salary, Allowances and Benefits 2024

In the Philippines, firefighters are employed by a large national government agency known as the Bureau of Fire Protection. They are salaried, like all government employees, and receive government compensation. Today, let us learn more about their salaries and other compensation they earn based on their ranks.

The Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) is one of three tri-bureaus within the Department of the Interior’s Local Government (DILG) whose salaries were increased in January 2018 pursuant to Joint Resolution No. 1 series of 2018. Other tri-bureaus include the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP).

Base Pay

On January 1, 2018, President Rodrigo Duterte signed a joint resolution increasing the base pay of BFP personnel, police officers, and other uniformed services of the government. The resolution increases Fire Officer 1’s base pay up to the rank of Director in the BFP and their equivalent ranks in other agencies. The increase benefits the lowest-ranking uniformed personnel, who will see a nearly 100 percent increase in base pay.

Fire Officer I₱29,668Fire Inspector₱49,528
Fire Officer II₱30,867Fire Senior Inspector₱56,582
Fire Officer III₱32,114Fire Chief Inspector₱62,555
Senior Fire Officer I₱33,411Fire Superintendent₱71,313
Senior Fire Officer II₱34,079Fire Senior Superintendent₱80,583
Senior Fire Officer III₱34,761Fire Chief Superintendent₱91,058
Senior Fire Officer IV₱38,366Fire Director₱102,896

Longevity Pay

BFP personnel shall be entitled to a longevity pay equal to ten percent (10%) of their basic monthly salaries after five (5) years of service, which shall be calculated from the date of the personnel’s initial appointment in the AFP or in the police, fire, or jail or other allied services, to the date of the PC’s integration with the INP, provided that the total of such longevity pay shall not exceed ten percent (10%) of their basic monthly salaries.

Clothing Allowance

It is an allowance provided to cover the cost of maintaining the uniforms that BFP personnel are required to wear on a daily basis. The current clothing allowance for Fire Officer 1 is Php200.00, while the laundry allowance is Php30.00. Currently, the RCA is Php14,000.00 every three years.

Grantees of the Replacement Clothing Allowance (RCA) are required to submit three (3) copies of the RCA Bureau Order, Service Record, Duty Status, and Latest Attested Appointment.

Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA)

The Personnel Economic Relief Allowance (PERA) is a subsidy provided to all government employees as a means of assisting them in meeting their basic needs during times of economic hardship and rising prices. It is a monthly allowance of two thousand pesos (Php2,000.00) given to BFP personnel. It is the sum of the current Personnel Economic Relief Allowance of 500 pesos (Php500.00) and the additional compensation of 1,500 pesos (P1,500.00) to supplement pay due to rising living costs.

Hazard Pay

It is a stipend given to BFP personnel in exchange for their exposure to specific occupational hazards or elements, or for performing hazardous jobs that pose a high risk of losing one’s life, limbs, or suffering a significant deterioration in one’s health. Currently, the monthly hazard pay for Fire Officer 1 is Php540.00.

Quarters Allowance

BFP commissioned and non-commissioned officers who are not provided with housing accommodations are eligible for this benefit, which is paid on a monthly basis. The current monthly quarters allowance is Php400.00 for the lowest rank and Php 1,200.00 for the highest rank.

Fire Officer I₱400
Fire Officer II₱400
Fire Officer III₱450
Senior Fire Officer I₱450
Senior Fire Officer II₱500
Senior Fire Officer III₱500
Senior Fire Officer IV₱500
Fire Inspector₱600
Fire Senior Inspector₱650
Fire Chief Inspector₱700
Fire Superintendent₱800
Fire Senior Superintendent₱900
Fire Chief Superintendent₱1,050
Fire Director₱1,200

Subsistence Allowance

It is a stipend that BFP personnel receive to cover the cost of their daily regular meals, which total Php150.00 per day or Php4,500 per month.


Being a firefighter is not just a noble profession but also a rewarding one. Aside from the pay and benefits mentioned above, you will serve the people as a regular government employee. As a government employee, you will have tenure security and access to free advanced training and seminars.

What are you waiting for? Join the BFP now and have a rewarding and exciting career in the Fire Service.

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3 months ago

How about their health benefits. How do BFP take care of their firefighters in this aspect?

9 months ago

How about salaries and allowances for auxiliary firefighters?