Download: PMA Entrance Exam Application Form

The  Philippine Military Academy- Office of the Cadet Admission has announced through its official Facebook page the schedule of the application for the 2021 PMA Entrance Examination. However, due to our COVID-19 situation, the exact date of the examination has yet to be announced by the PMA.

The PDF format of the application form for the PMAEE 2021 is available for download on this website. But before you download and fill out the application form, check the basic qualifications first. This way, you will know if you are qualified before filing your application. Doing so will save you time and effort because the failure to meet any of the basic criteria means outright disqualification.

PMAEE 2021 Application Form Download

For those applicants who want to join the PMA Class of 2026, here is the PMAEE Application Form. You can download it through Scribd or through this link.

How to Fill Out the Form

  1. Indicate your exam center code. You can find the code at the back of the application form.
  2. Write your surname, first name and middle name ( not middle initial) on the space provided. Print all entries legibly and check the appropriate boxes.
  3. Fill out the other personal information on the spaces provided. Write neatly and legibly.
  4. Indicate your educational attainment and the name /address of the school you’ve last attended.  If you are an undergraduate, write the number of units taken during college.
  5. Affix your signature and thumbmarks to certify the veracity of all the information you provided.3.
  6. Lastly, attached 2 pcs of your 2”x 2” ID photo taken within the last six months. The photos must be front, facial close-up with white background. Write your complete name and signature at the back of the photo.


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