CHED Scholarship Application is Now Open: Apply Now!

CHED Scholarship 2021- StuFAPs aims to provide financial assistance to students who are enrolled in authorized public or private Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). This helps to ensure that education shall be accessible to all especially to underprivileged and deserving students. Qualified beneficiaries shall enroll or must be currently enrolled in any CHED priority courses as per CMO No. 1 s. 2104 and shall receive financial assistance amounting to Php 15,000 to Php 30,000 per semester whichever program an applicant qualifies.

Scholarship Qualifications

Applicants must meet all the qualifications below to qualify for the CHED scholarship program.

  • He or she must be a Filipino citizen;
  • He or she must be a senior high school graduate and/or candidate for graduation;
  • The family gross income must not exceed four hundred thousand pesos (Php 400,000.00)*
  • Must avail of only one CHED scholarship or financial assistance program; and
  • Must not be a graduate of any degree program.
  • General Weighted Average:
    • For the Full State Scholarship Program (FSSP) and Full Private Education Student Financial Assistance (FPESFA), GWA must be 96% or above.
    • For half-SSP or half-PESFA, GWA must be at least 93% but not more than 95%.

* In highly exceptional cases where income exceeds PhP400,000.00, an applicant must present a written certification or medical findings of illness of a family member, or school certifications of two or more dependents enrolled in college.

How to Apply for CHED StuFAPs?

The Commission is now accepting online applications until August 15, 2021. Each region will have its specific application link. To submit your application, please follow the link according to your region:

What are the requirements?

Here are the documents you need to submit when applying for the CHED’s student financial assistance program. Prepare scanned copies of the required documents in PDF format. Your region might require you to upload the documents or submit your documents through email or through personal appearance.

Academic Requirements

  • Senior High School Graduate
    • High school report card for incoming freshmen students eligible for college.
  • Candidate for Graduation in Senior High School
    • Duly certified true copy of Photocopy of grades in Grade 11 and 1st semester of Grade 12

Other Documentary Requirements

1. A certified true copy of the birth certificate;

2. Proof of Income (any of the following)

  • For children of OFWs and seafarers, a photocopy of any of the following:
    • The latest copy of the contract;
    • Proof of income
  • For children of non-OFWs, a photocopy of any of the following:
    • Photocopy of the latest Income Tax Return of parents or guardian;
    • Certificate of Tax Exemption from the Bureau of Internal Revenue
    • Case study from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD)
    • Affidavit of No Income
    • Certificate of Indigency from Barangay

What are the CHED Priority Courses?

Here are the CHED priority courses for where qualified beneficiaries of CHED Regular Programs shall be directed to enroll:

Benefits of a CHED Scholar

The financial assistance to CHED Scholars shall cover tuition and other school fees (TOSF) plus stipend which shall be released directly to the scholars or through HEIs per semester of a given academic year until the completion of the degree program. The breakdown of the financial assistance, depending on the type of scholarships awarded, are as follows:

CHED Allowance Upadated


For participating HEIs with trimester or quarter system, the total amount of financial assistance stated in the above diagram (12.1, 12.2) shall be distributed proportionately depending on the type of scholarship availed.

Responsibilities of a CHED Scholar

As a CHED scholar, you must enroll in recognized priority programs of Private Higher Education Institutions (PHEIs) or State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) / Local Universities or Colleges (LUCs) with Certificate of Program Compliance. You must be a regular student and maintain a GWA of at least 85% or equivalent if you are a full scholar or 80% or its equivalent if a half scholar. Failure to maintain the GWA is a ground for termination of the scholarship grant. However, you can file an appeal to the CHEDRO for consideration, within 15 days from notice of the GWA. If you intend to transfer to another HEI or shift to other recognized or authorized priority programs, you must secure written approval of the concerned CHEDRO before doing so.

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Quezonia v mislang
Quezonia v mislang
4 hours ago

Mag 4rth year napo yong anak ko ngayong pasukan..ang tanong ko po is.noong firstyear lang po xa nakatanggap ng scholarhip nya…may makukuha pa po ba xa

Garry M Jemani
Garry M Jemani
1 day ago

my comment is i want to apply a ched is c
because i want to continue to study

1 day ago

May I ask, how about for those incoming 2nd year college this academic year? Can they still apply? They didn’t have the opportunity to apply because of the pandemic.

1 day ago

ung sa total parents income po ba ay yung daily po nilang sahod? di naman po kasi naka indicate kung annual po. NCR region po

2 days ago

i submitted my application but the internet connection suddenly went slow and when i tried to submit another application it says that the email already exist and i have to input the control number, but during my last application i didn’t receive any control number. what do i do?😅

2 days ago
Reply to  Zendel

I have the same issue.👋 Genuinely asking.. How can we know if our application is already submitted?