Download: Philippine Air Force Application Form 2020

The  Philippine Air Force through its official Facebook page has announced the schedule of pre-entry examinations for applicants (PAFOCC) Class 2021 and  Candidate Soldier (CS) for Basic Military Training (BMT) Class 2020 Bravo. This examination will be conducted starting March 3 to March 31, 2020, at the different examination areas nationwide.

The PDF format of the application form for the PAF Hiring 2020 is available for download on this website. But before you download and fill out the application form, check the basic qualifications first. This way, you will know if you are qualified before filing your application. Doing so will save you time and effort because the failure to meet any of the basic criteria means outright disqualification.

PAF Application Form 2020

For those applicants who want to join the Philippine Air Force as a commissioned officer or as airman/airwoman, here is the PAF Application Form. You can download through Scribd or through this link.

How to Fill Out the PAF Application Form 2020

  1. Indicate your application purpose (if you are applying as an officer or enlisted personnel). Put a check mark on the provided box and you only have to choose one from the two choices.
  2. Write your surname, first name and middle name ( not middle initial) on the space provided.
  3. Fill-out the other personal information on the spaces provided. Write neatly and legibly.
  4. Indicate the course you have taken and the name /address of the school you’ve last attended.  If you are an undergraduate, write the number of units taken during college.
  5. If you are currently employed, indicate the nature and type of work including the name and address of your employer.
  6. For the personal background part,  write the pertinent information needed. You have to list 3 character references. They must know you personally and not related to you. Indicate their name and address. These are needed for the background investigation which is a part of the recruitment process.
  7. Write your preferred processing center where you intend to submit your application. You can find the list on the back of the application form.
  8. Lastly, affix your signature to certify the veracity of all the information you provided.

Please write clearly and legibly in print. Do not write anything below the signature part. Please make sure that all the information is accurate. Remember that the PAF is conducting a thorough background investigation on applicants as a part of the hiring process. Good luck!


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Airon Bocado
Airon Bocado(@1155677868130848_anonymous)
1 year ago

can’t i join airforce sir

1 year ago

pano po pag late register ung PSA

1 year ago

Good Day Po!
when is the examination for those applicants who are graduating this coming October 2020? Because I’m applying for…the Philippine Air Force…
Thank You Po for reading my message…
God Bless and More power.
*Studying in Sisters of Mary School-Girls town, Inc.

Kit Manubat
Kit Manubat
1 year ago

ask ko lang po kung qualify pa yung 3 ngipin ang tanggal isa sa harap tapos tag isa sa magkabilang bagang

1 year ago

hi! ask ko lang kung kelan next schedule ng examination? now ko lang kasi Nakita yung date ng sched ng exam and Nakita kong tapos ng yung sa Luzon, sa Legaspi City. gusto ko po talaga mag PAF. please, help me! Salamat!