NAPOLCOM Entrance Exam Free Online Reviewer

PNP Book Reviewer

The NAPOLCOM or the National Police Commission is the agency that administers the Philippine National Police. The commission is mandated by law to develop policies and promulgate the rules and regulations to have an efficient police organization. They have the power to set the criteria for manpower allocation, deployment, recruitment, selection and promotion of the PNP personnel. The NAPOLCOM is also the sole agency that conducts the qualifying entrance examination …

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Agriculture and Fishery Arts Specialization Online BLEPT Reviewer

Here is a free online reviewer for the LEPT (Board Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers) examinees with specialization in Agriculture and Fishery Arts. The March 2018 LEPT specialization exam will cover the following areas: Functional Application of Knowledge Breeds of Farm Animals and Fish Pest and Diseases Affecting Animals and Fish Propagation Marketing Strategies in the Industry/Entrepreneurship Proper Care and Management of Agricultural and Fishery Products. Agriculture and Fishery Arts LET …

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