PNPACAT 2019 Reviewer with Answer Keys

If you are planning to pursue a career as a commissioned officer in the police, jail or fire service, you may consider applying to the PNPA. But before becoming a part of the Cadet Corps of the PNPA, you need to pass the PNPACAT first. The PNPA Cadet Admission Test (PNPACAT) or the popularly known as the PNPA Entrance Exam is the pre-qualifying test given to aspiring cadets of the Philippine National Police Academy. It is the first step to take towards your dream of becoming a commissioned officer of the PNP, BFP or the BJMP.

Without further ado, here is our PNPACAT reviewer to help you pass the examination. We hope that this reviewer will give you a bird’s eye view of your PNPACAT journey and the needed exposure to the actual tests you will take, preparing you psychologically and removes the mental block and nervousness which are deterrent factors in passing the examination.

PNPACAT Coverage and Reviewer

The 2019 PNPA Entrance Examinations will cover the following subject areas in the 200-items long examination:


Please be reminded that the result of the PNPACAT is competency-based. Meaning, the applicant must get a passing score or at least 50% of all subjects covered to qualify for the next step of the application. If an applicant managed to get a passing score in the overall computation but failed in one subject area, he or she will not advance to the next phase of screening.

To help you pass the exam and achieve the required score in any subject, we compiled questions from various online sources into a reviewer. To access our free online reviewer, please follow the links on the corresponding subject areas listed above. As much as we try to keep this reviewer as accurate as possible, TOPNOTCHER PH makes no guarantees about the veracity and accuracy of the information it provides. If you found errors or parts that need corrections, please contact us through the comments below.

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1 day ago

pano po makita yung result?

2 days ago

Goodafternoon sir/ma’am
Where is the reviewer here?

Hayen reyee
Hayen reyee
12 days ago

Good afternoon sir and mam, where is the reviewer here?

Nestorio B. Bernisto IV
Nestorio B. Bernisto IV
18 days ago

Hello ma’am and sir, can I ask to have a copy of this PNPACAT REVIEWER?

Paolo forte
Paolo forte
28 days ago

Good afternoon can i get soft copy of pnp cat

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