The Oblation in the University of the Philippines

UPCAT Application is Now Open: Apply Now!

The UPCAT is back! The University of the Philippines has released the official schedule of the 2024 UP College Admission Test (UPCAT). Through the Office of Admissions, the UP  said on Friday it will start accepting applicants for its June 2023 College Admission Test. First administered in 1968, the UPCAT is a part of the admission requirements for those who are entering UP next academic …

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UPCAT test taker

Online UPCAT Reviewer 2019

Why indeed do college-bound students today need to review for college entrance tests? Back in the day, our parents did not review for UPCAT and they passed anyway. They are always saying that students only need “stock knowledge and common sense” to pass that exam. Yes, it is true. But nowadays, the competition for slots at the University of the Philippines has become tougher. In …

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University of the Philippines -Diliman campus

7 Effective Ways to Pass the UPCAT

One of the most significant and important questions asked to a teenager during his/her high school years is “Where do you plan to study in college?” Here in the Philippines, this transition from high school to college is considered to be a big stepping stone to achieving one’s dreams. And going to UP is most of the time, if not always, a part of the choices included …

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