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Why indeed do college-bound students today need to review for college entrance tests? Back in the day, our parents did not review for UPCAT and they passed anyway. They are always saying that students only need “stock knowledge and common sense” to pass that exam. Yes, it is true. But nowadays, the competition for slots at the University of the Philippines has become tougher. In most cases, students find a compelling need to acquire more knowledge and gain more confidence in order to pass the UPCAT.

To pass the UPCAT, one must have a basic working knowledge of specific subject areas and the ability to solve problems and answer questions requiring reasoning and logical thinking. An initial gauge of this would be language proficiency and critical reading skills since language is definitely an important tool in the acquisition of knowledge.

This online UPCAT reviewer aims to help prepare students for the UPCAT and other college entrance tests, such as USTET, PUPCET and ACET. To achieve this, we have provided free mock examinations on important topics in Language, Reading Comprehension, Mathematics and Science. We hope that this UPCAT reviewer will help students to become familiar with the types of questions in the actual exam preparing them psychologically and removes the mental block and nervousness which are deterrent factors in passing the examination.

UPCAT Coverage and Reviewer

The UPCAT is consists of 4 subtests: Language Proficiency (in English and Filipino), Reading Comprehension (in English and Filipino), Science, and Mathematics. To access the mock examinations, just follow the links below. These mock exams are not leakages, but a compilation of questions from different sources on the internet. We do not guarantee that the same questions will appear in the next UPCAT.

1. Language Proficiency

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

2. Reading Comprehension

3. Mathematics

4. Science

  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Earth Science / Astronomy


Passing the UPCAT is just one part of the selection process to enter the University of the Philippines. As we all know, the standardized UPCAT scores are combined with the weighted average of the last 3 years of high school final grades to determine the UP admission grade (UPG). This means your high school performance has a great impact on your UPG. If you have outstanding grades in high school, you have one less problem getting a good UPG. However, if you are just an average student, your only chance is to get the highest possible scores in the UPCAT to bring your UPG up. Good luck!

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4 years ago

when is the schedule for entrance exam?