Shopee MONOH Sorting Facility Location

Using the Shopee app to purchase products abroad has numerous advantages. There are so many merchants from whom to pick, each providing a different price for the identical item you seek. Typically, it is even cheaper to purchase from international vendors than from local suppliers. Nevertheless, international purchases take too long to arrive since there are too many steps in the delivery process. It is sometimes stranded at a location called “MONOH.” How often have you encountered the notification “Parcel has been received at sorting facility: MONOH”? What and where is this location?


What and Where is MONOH?

If your parcel is received by a sorting facility called MONOH, it means that your supplier used 2GO as a last mile fulfillment partner.  A last mile carrier is a party responsible for a package’s final leg of delivery. This sorting center is located somewhere in Manila.

You can follow your parcel by entering the tracking number on the 2GO tracker website. If your parcel is taking too long to arrive after coming from the sorting center MONOH, you can contact 2GO Express hotline at (02) 87799222. Just provide the 2GO Express tracking number that consists of the 9-Alphanumeric series (Letter-7 Numbers-Letter or 2 Letters-7 Numbers). The number/letter combination after the “Parcel has been received at sorting facility :MONOH(:XXXXXXXXX)” message is your 2GO tracking number. You can find the message on the native tracking page of the Shopee app or website.

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