[SOLVED] Where is Shopee SOC 4 Sorting Center Located?

So, you’ve decided to take advantage of Shopee’s Singles Day Sale to purchase a new smartphone to replace your aging one. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all experience anxiety and impatience when doing online shopping. There was a lot of nervous excitement after placing the order. You are constantly checking your Shopee app for the whereabouts of your parcel. While tracking the package, you noticed that your order is still stuck at the SOC 4 Sorting Center for a couple of days now. If you’re asking what and where SOC 4 is located, you’ve come to the right place.

Shopee tracking

What is SOC 4?

SOC 4 will appear if you select Shopee Express as your courier during the checkout process. It is a sorting facility where packages are stored and sorted. Previously, parcels from sellers were delivered to SOC 3, sorted, and then delivered to your door. Since September 2022, parcels from SOC 3 have been routed to SOC 4 before being delivered to your local delivery hub. However, long wait times and shipment delays are unavoidable. Especially now, with the COVID crisis, an increase in online shopping, and other critical developments affecting logistics. So, if your Shopee order is still stuck in SOC 4, it’s possible that they’re experiencing manpower issues or are simply overwhelmed with online orders.

Where is SOC 4 Located?

Shopee SOC 4 is located at CJT Warehouse, Plaridel Bypass Road, North Point Industrial Park, Plaridel, Bulacan, according to this Facebook job posting. You can also search for the location in Google maps and it checks out. However, Shopee is still mum about the whereabouts of SOC 4. Even if you contact Shopee Support, they will only provide vague answers about its location.

SOC 4 location in Google Maps


For the time being, we will assume that the Shopee SOC 4 Sorting Center is in Plaridel, Bulacan. The center is in charge of sorting and processing orders from Shopee’s various warehouse locations across the country. The sorting center is an essential component of Shopee’s operations because it ensures that orders are processed quickly and efficiently. If you are concerned that your package will become stuck in SOC 4, you should use a courier other than Shopee Express.

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