How Much Does a Traditional Filipino Wedding Cost?

A traditional Filipino wedding can be quite costly, depending on the size and scope of the event. Many couples opt for a more modest ceremony with fewer guests, while others opt for an elaborate affair with hundreds or even thousands of guests.

When it comes to weddings, there are many options to choose from. Traditional, themed, destination, and eco-friendly are some of the most popular wedding types. Each type of wedding has its own unique set of traditions, advantages, and disadvantages. Traditional weddings are the most common type of wedding. They usually take place in a church or other religious venue and involve a large number of guests. Themed weddings can be based on any theme imaginable, from pirates to fairytales. Destination weddings are held in a location other than the couple’s hometown and often involve a tropical beach or a garden setting. Eco-friendly weddings are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, with many couples opting for organic catering and natural decorations.

Traditional Filipino weddings

When most people think of a traditional wedding, they likely imagine a white dress, a tuxedo, and a church ceremony. However, traditional weddings vary from culture to culture. In the Philippines, for example, traditional weddings are filled with color and pageantry.

The bride and groom typically wear brightly colored gowns and coordinated outfits, and the wedding party is decked out in matching outfits as well. There is usually a lot of singing and dancing, and the reception is full of delicious food.

A Filipino wedding is an event that families and friends will remember for years to come. It is an opportunity to celebrate love and joy with loved ones, and to share traditions that go back generations.

How much does a traditional Filipino wedding cost?

A Filipino wedding is a very important event in the lives of a Filipino couple. It is a time-honored tradition that is celebrated with much fanfare. A traditional Filipino wedding can be quite expensive, however. Here is a breakdown of the average costs associated with this type of wedding.

The cost of the wedding dress is typically around $1,000 (₱55,000) while the groom’s tuxedo can run about $100-200 (₱5, 500- 11,000). The reception hall rental fees can range from $500 to $2,000 (₱28,000-100,000), depending on the size and location of the venue. The catering bill for a 200-person reception can easily exceed $3,000. And don’t forget the cost of invitations, decorations, music, and photography which can run around $1,000-3, 000 (₱55,000-160,000). All told, the average cost of a traditional Filipino wedding can exceed $10,000.

How to save money on a traditional Filipino wedding

When it comes to weddings, Filipinos know how to do things big. From the elaborate gowns and tuxedos to the multi-course meals, a traditional Filipino wedding can be quite expensive. However, there are ways to save money without compromising on quality or tradition. Here are some tips:

1. Have a smaller wedding party. The more guests you have, the more money you will spend on food and drinks. Instead of inviting all your cousins, aunts, and uncles, invite only your closest family and friends. This will help reduce costs significantly.

2. Choose a less expensive venue. There are many beautiful locations that can host a wedding ceremony and reception for a fraction of the cost of a traditional hotel or country club.

3. Serve simple food options. Instead of serving an extravagant multi-course meal, serve a few main dishes with rice and salad. This will be much more affordable and still taste great!

4. Have a relaxed wedding reception. Instead of planning a formal sit-down dinner, have a buffet-style reception that can be easily served and cleared away.

5. Make your wedding more personal. Decorate your wedding venue and your wedding party with what you like. Instead of having a generic wedding cake, have a friend or family member decorate it using their favorite colors, designs, or images. Have your guests sign the cake instead of cutting it to make it even more personal.


A traditional Filipino wedding can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $15,000. While the price may seem high, many couples find that the cost is worth it for the memories that are made on their big day. If you are interested in having a traditional Filipino wedding, be sure to budget accordingly and start planning well in advance.

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