CSC to Conduct CSE-PPT in Region 1

The Civil Service Commission-Region 1 announces the conduct of the Career Service Examination, Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) for Professional and Sub-Professional Levels for Calendar Year 2021.

Applicants can submit their applications from June 1 until June 18, 2021. The examination is on July 18, 2021 in testing centers in San Fernando City, La Union, and Vigan City, Ilocos Sur. Please be reminded that the acceptance of applications shall be on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVED basis and shall be closed any time before the deadline if the target applicants in any of the test centers have already reached. No representative is allowed in filing applications.

How to File Application

To file your exam application please follow the guidelines below:

1. Using a computer with a good internet connection and a browser of your choice, access the Online Appointment/Reservation System thru this link: This online reservation system is a necessary measure to control the number of applicants who will appear at the identified venue for filing examination applications. STRICTLY NO ONLINE APPOINTMENT/RESERVATION, NO APPLICATION.

2. Generate/Screenshot the Online Reservation/Appointment (Confirmation of Scheduled Appointment/Reservation) and proceed to the venue for filing the examination application on the scheduled date.

Where to Get Application Form

The Application Form (CS Form No. 100) may be downloaded from the CSC website or from this link: CS Form 100. The application form may be printed/reproduced using legal size bond paper and should be printed on both sides (back-to-back). Applicants are advised to ensure that their Application Forms are already properly filled out with I.D. pictures attached before they proceed to the venue for filing. ONLY properly accomplished Application Forms of qualified applicants with complete requirements will be processed/accepted.

Where to File Application

You can file your application on the following venues:

San Fernando City, La Union DMMMSU-MLUC
VIgan City, Ilocos Sur CSC Ilocos Sur Field Office

Applicants are required to WEAR FACEMASK and FACESHIELD and to bring their own ballpen and hand sanitizer/alcohol, and must bring original and photocopy of Valid ID. For all inquiries/concerns on filing examination application, contact any of the following numbers:

CSC Regional Office 1 – (072)700-5626
CSC Ilocos Sur Field Office – (077)604-5582

CSE-PPT Application Qualifications

The civil service examination in the Philippines is administered by the Civil Service Commission for those who are working or planning to work as non-elected public servants. Passing the examination means getting the eligibility to have the chances of promotion, regularization or getting a position in the government. Just like any other examination conducted by the government, there are some requirements and qualifications to fulfill to qualify for the examination. If you want to know if you are qualified, check the details below:

  • You must be a Filipino citizen, at least 18 years of age at the time of filing of the application.
  • You must be of good moral character, no criminal record or has not been convicted on an offense involving moral turpitude.
  • Must not have been dishonorably discharged from military, police, fire or jail service or even dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the government.
  • Must not have taken the same level of career service examination either through PPT or CSC Computerized Examination (CSC COMEX) within three (3) months from the last examination taken.

You can apply regardless of your educational attainment as long as you meet the qualifications above.


Pursuant to Republic Act No. 1080, The Commission grants the second-level civil service eligibility to Bar and PRC Board Passers even without taking the examination. Also, the following individuals may opt not to take the corresponding examination anymore:

  • Passers of Career Service Examination for Foreign Service Officer as the resulting Career Foreign Service Officer Eligibility is comparable to the Career Service Professional Eligibility;
  • Grantees of the following eligibilities under special laws and CSC issuances, which are comparable to the Career Service Professional Eligibility:
    • Honor Graduate Eligibility under P.D. 907
    • Scientific and Technological Specialist Eligibility under P.D. 997
    • Sanggunian Member Eligibility (2nd Level) under RA No. 10156
    • Foreign School Honor Graduate Eligibility under CSC Resolution No. 1302714
    • Veteran Preference Rating Eligibility (Professional) under EO No. 132, s. 1948 and EO No. 790, s. 1982
  • Grantees of the following eligibilities under special laws and CSC issuances, which are comparable to the Career Service SubProfessional Eligibility:
    • Barangay Official Eligibility under RA No. 7160
    • Barangay Health Worker Eligibility under RA No. 7883
    • Sanggunian Member Eligibility (1st Level) under RA No. 10156
    • Veteran Preference Rating Eligibility (SubProfessional) under EO No. 132, s. 1948 and EO No. 790, s. 1982

About the Civil Service Exam

The Civil Service Exam, formally known as the Career Service Exam- Pencil and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) is conducted by the Civil Service Commission twice a year. The purpose of the exam is to establish a Register of Eligibles (RoE) from which certification and appointment to first and second level positions in the government service. There are two types of Civil Service Exam, the CSE-Professional, and Sub-professional level. The former will grant you the 2nd-Level Eligibility which qualifies you for a second-level position while the latter qualifies you for clerical and custodial service positions in the government.

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