Download: CSC Health Declaration Form

The Civil Service Commission is now requiring examinees of the upcoming Civil Service Exam this August 2022, the Fire Officer Examination and Penology Officer Exam in October 2022 to accomplish a Health Declaration Form in light of the COVID-19 situation in our country today. A PDF format of the Health Declaration Form is available for download on this website. In addition to the download link, we also provide a detailed guide on how to accomplish the said form.

Health Declaration Form Download Link

Here is the CSC Health Declaration Form for those examinees who want to take the August 2022 CSE-PPT. You can download it through Scribd or this link: Download CSC HDF. Keep in mind that you must accomplish this form within 24 hours prior to the exam.

How to Fill Out the CSC Health Declaration Form

  1. Please leave the  Body Temperature space blank. The temperature reading will be written only upon going through thermal scanning at the main entrance of the venue.
  2. Write the date. You must fill out this HDF not earlier than one (1) day or within 24 hours prior to the exam.
  3. Write your full name and other personal information on the spaces provided. Write neatly and legibly.
  4. Write a checkmark (✓) on the appropriate column (Yes or No).
  5. Lastly, affix your signature to certify the veracity of all the information you provided.

Please write clearly and legibly in print. Do not write anything below the signature part. Please make sure that all the information is accurate. Good luck!

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