Philippine Science High School NCE 2018 Reviewer

The Philippine Science High School, commonly known as Pisay, is the premier secondary school and considered as the top science high school in the Philippines. It is viewed as one of the best science high school in the ASEAN region today. That is why it’s no surprise that every year, thousands of grade school graduates from public and private schools alike compete for the highly coveted seats in the Philippine Science High School. These seats are severely limited as their Main campus in Diliman, Quezon City only accepts 240 scholars while the regional campuses accept 90 scholars each.

Entrance Exam

To be admitted to the PSHS, a grade 6 or 7 elementary pupil must meet the criteria for eligibility and pass the PSHS National Competitive Examination (NCE). The PSHS NCE is a highly-selective process of selecting the PSHS scholars for its 13 campuses nationwide. Every year, only 5-6% of examinees are expected to pass this test.

To help you pass the NCE and be considered as a principal qualifier, we created this free online PSHS NCE Reviewer. It covers the subject areas included in the examination. This PSHS Entrance Test Reviewer is designed to build the students’ confidence and skills that are necessary to hurdle this coming 2018 PSHS National Competetive Examination. Please read on.

PSHS NCE Coverage

The Philippine Science High School qualifying examination is consists of items designed to measure the verbal aptitude, abstract reasoning, quantitative ability and the scientific aptitude of the applicant. The questions are based on the expected learning competencies of a graduating elementary student specifically in the areas of English, Mathematics, and Science. The non-verbal examination is composed of figures and illustrations.

PSHS NCE Reviewer

The chances of passing the PSHS Entrance Exam may be slim, but it could be improved by preparation and practice. Here at TOPNOTCHER PH, we provide this online reviewer to familiarize aspiring NCE passers with what to expect in the examination. To access the mock examinations and quizzes in this online reviewer, please follow the links below.

Verbal Aptitude/English

Abstract Reasoning

Quantitative Ability

Scientific Ability

*This reviewer is currently under construction. Please bookmark this page or follow our Facebook page for more updates.

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1 year ago

will this question go out in the test?

1 year ago

Will this question will go out in the exam?

1 year ago

make it 11

Amyrah Aniceto
Amyrah Aniceto
1 year ago

Give me examples of questions during test then I will try to answer the questions that you gave atleast 5 questions to the verbal aptitude and also abstract reasoning ,and quantitave reasoning and natural science thank you

Chris Darwin Garcia Daayata

Yes Because it is so important to our country